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I haven't chosen to respond here lately because I haven't been up to reading all the posts, so, while things I've noticed here and there have seemed worrying in ways not dissimilar to what Nyc had to say (a lot of parental-type involvement in her life, would probably be healthier to step back significantly and NOT be on her lease, etc.), it seemed like a mistake to comment without the full picture. But I have been glancing, and just noticed the key logger thing thanks to Opal pointing it out above. I just wanted to agree that, yeah, that doesn't seem at all ok to me. Like, that borders on emotional abuse in my book. People deserve some level of privacy, and do NOT deserve to have monitoring devices and/or software on their devices without their full knowledge. Either she's an adult, and this is a violation, or she's a child, in which case having a relationship with her at ALL is creepy and wrong As Opal said, her being sort of aware of it doesn't make something that intrusive ok. I wonder if he'd leave it on even after she left your house (again, not that it's ok just because she's in your house!). :[
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