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So very sorry things didnt work out.

I suggest you focus on your child right now and refrain form letting your pain and confusion get the better of you. Keep the self destructive stuff to a minimum. Dont want to make a bad situation worse.

The changes that have occurred starting with this...

Originally Posted by amk View Post
The talk:

Last night, after taking a few days to basically write down every single concern and feeling (2 pages, typed) I have- both positive and negative -about opening our marriage, I asked my wife to sit down and talk.

She said I was the most important person in her life and she would never want to lose me. Hearing this for the first time in over a year was probably the single most grounding thing I've ever experienced. It certainly diminished the fears I've been having. She also told me she would understand if I couldn't agree to polyamory and that she wouldn't leave me for that decision. This erased the pressure I've been feeling and I feel much more free.
some back and forth ...and now this
She told me that she just doesn't want to be married anymore and has lost her belief in romantic love. She doesn't love me anymore and wants to be alone. Her brush with death gave her a different perspective on life and she's decided she doesn't want a relationship ever again

This sort of supports my earlier idea .....she might need some professional help. I've had brushes with death and from my experience people tend to want to deepen relationships ...enjoy life more ...not run from them and cut them off forever.

Or is she saying that's all specific to you ....doesnt want a romantic relationship ever again with you ?
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