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Hello ManofDiscovery,
Glad you can join us.

We have a Dating & Friendships subforum that might prove useful to you. Also offsite there's a few dating sites:

And links to poly groups in your area:

These are also good ideas:

  • Announce this as something I am doing in my life, show my openness and see who responds? (perhaps as a facebook status update)
  • Try to find other single men, women and couples who have had/are currently in poly relationships, whether bad or good, and ask them for guidance
It seems you are largely seeking a way to meet poly people in person. But I would take advantage of the wealth of info on as well. What to do, what not to do, what to watch out for, what to look forward to. You can interact with other members by posting thoughts, questions, etc.

Hopefully this gives you a good starting place.
Kevin T.
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