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Originally Posted by becsjunk999 View Post
ok so you would think we would have a not so hard time finding a male to talk with us about joining our f/f relationship. I think we have come close to finding all the creeps in our area on okc. What are we doing wrong? We are good looking, established, employed and enjoy a variety of interests. Any man interested in talking with us? Looking for an established person near us (northern CA) who is family friendly (we have a son) between the ages of 27 and 40. If this is off-putting to you non-creepy people out there please let us know why, I would love to know. Thanks
I'm assuming that you both are attempting to meet somebody online? My guess is that most guys will think this is too good to be true and, therefore, this must be some kind of scam. Just my 2 cents.

INFO: 30 year old male in a 2+ year "open and honest", poly relationship with "Kemie."
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