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I know for a fact she knew I was pregnant...that is what pushed them together in the first place.

I understand that when you are new & in love you believe the unbelievable but that doesn't excuse what she did does it?! That doens't rid her of any guilt or saying she was wrong or sorry.

Yes we had a very clear, upfront agreement this time around that we would leave him out of it for now and try to build a relationship as if there was no him. First as friends and then possibly romantically.

I am at a loss of what to do...if we keep things separate maybe we will grow further apart and more comfortable in our roles as arms of a vee and nothing more?

I guess he wants to move forward and not keep having these things thrown in his face which I can understand. If I'm going to move forward I guess I do have to let it all go but if only it was that easy to actually do!

Thank you for so much valuable feedback!! You've been such a great person to bounce these things off of.
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