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Default Poly newbie from NW England

Hi all,

Apologies if I'm going to ask a question here that's been covered 1000s of times already.

So at the age of 33, having had a number of mono relationships that are always great at first, but I end up feeling stifled after a while, I'm ready to explore poly.

I'm looking for advice/help from the more experienced people here (pretty much everyone at this point, I imagine) on where to go next.

Ideas I've had:

- Announce this as something I am doing in my life, show my openness and see who responds? (perhaps as a facebook status update)
- Try to find other single men, women and couples who have had/are currently in poly relationships, whether bad or good, and ask them for guidance

What I'd really like is to understand how to find poly people and explore this further. I have a suspicion they are everywhere, but because I've not been open to it before, it's like an underground 'secret society' where they only make themselves known when you show yourself as a member.

You do not talk about fight club!

I've been on swinging websites before which are fun enough, but on there it seems to be more about pure sex (and a lot of validation) than actual connection. Plus some of the couples I've met seem to have their own unresolved jealousy issues...which is obviously not something I'm keen to get caught up in.

If there's anyone also at a similar point of discovery, then I'd like to hear from you - do feel free to shoot me a pm and we can walk this road together, perhaps.

Anyway...thoughts/comments/advice more than appreciated.
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