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I think that is part of the problem...she doesn't think she has done anything wrong. She has never apologized or even owned up to what she did and what she was trying to do. She feels like she was lied to so she thought our marriage was already over so she wasn't destroying anything. But if there is anything that I am not that is nieve so I can't just dismiss her guilt because he lied to her or made her think we were 'roomates' like she was with her husband. We lived in the same home, I was pregnant (so obviously we were still having sex). It was obvious our marriage was still intact when they began their affair. He wants to have this rule we leave the past in the past and not bring it up but obviously that is easier said than done...memories, bad feelings, being hurt don't just go away just because they are getting brushed under the carpet.
And we tried the date by ourselves and she couldn't stop talking about him.

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