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We have a lot of anger, resentment & bitterness towards one another which makes it that much harder to be friendly with each other. Our relationship started on the bad foot from the beginning. I didn't go into too much detail when I first started posting because I was trying to get some feedback from where we stand right now with a very brief synopsis of the past but maybe I have to give more info to get more feedback and you can all understand where I am coming from. My husband started an affair with her almost 3 years ago while I was pregnant with our son. She was married at the time but just 'roomates' with her husband according to her. I didn't know about her & my husband til a year later. She left her husband with the hopes of my husband leaving me. He slowly gave her more info and she bought into being part of a triad too because it was clear he was never going to leave me. I liked the idea and many aspects of being part of a triad so I was easily convinced (we have had threesomes with girlfriends in the past but they were never emotionally connected to either one of us). So with that we started talking last year, it started going sour, I said I needed a break. Fast fw'd to a couple months ago I decided I would try again & we began talking & went on a 'first date' (all the details how that went are above). I guess maybe I am just an arm of the vee and there isn't hope of us becoming more... I feel I shouldn't have to try so hard for it to work so early in the beginning so maybe it is a sign it isn't and never will work with the three of us. And we were both lied to, her thinking it was going to be just him and her from the beginning; and me being cheated on (which I blame them both for) when I was at my most vulnerable (pregnant).
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