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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
I don't know of any value tied to monogamy that involves being closed-minded or threatened by other relationship styles or any monogamous value that would lead to such feelings. Now it could very well be that there are a lot of closed-minded people who are threatened by other relationship styles who happen to be monogamous, but it is not some monogamous value that makes them so. It could be that their closed-mindedness results in them considering monogamy as the only way and causing them to dismiss or be threatened by any alternative relationship style, but that is not their monogamy that causes that.
I absolutely 100% agree with you there, Ceoli. I have seen intolerance in monogamous and poly circles towards a particular love-style - I don't think that it is a monogamous trait at all.

Starting to attach those sorts of highly negative traits to monogamous relationships is dangerous, because not every monogamous couple is the same in terms of their relationship style or their outlook towards people who are different. It also can lead to broad, sweeping generalizations that would naturally put anybody on the defensive.

When I come across a lack of acceptance I always see it as the individual not accepting it, not as a monogamous thing.

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