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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
I was on as a secondary owner of a bank account opened by my ex. She closed it but had some unpaid fees. As a result of my name being on the account, my credit which is overall very good had been badly dinged by the unpaid fees. Now I have to go prove we paid this fees and go through the entire painful process to fix my credit.

I could not tell if your husband did put his name on her bank account. And it doesn't matter what type of account it is. All can affect Chipmunk's credit which will affect Airyn's credit which will affect your credit since you two are married.

If she has any credit problems now or in the future it will hurt your credit.

I've been thinking about this a lot. Just a Guy is going to Law school and I've been picking his brain on this as much as I can.

Months ago Chipmunk and I considered opening a checking account together, but we (or I wanted I should say) wanted to use an online back that I already have accounts with. This bank only allows one checking account, so I wasn't able to open it.

I felt that since I was originally ok with a joint checking account with Chipmunk that I couldn't very well be not ok with a a joint savings account.

I'm not sure how to have him remove his name with out causing serious stress. Right now Chipmunk feels like the apartment she'll be getting is "their" apartment. Airyn isn't going to be signing anything else as a co-signer with her, but he may have his name as an occupant on her lease. Like I have Wolf as an occupant on my lease. Not sure if that will work.

Basically I told him that anything he signs with her not only are they 100% financially responsible, but I am 100% financially responsible. I also told him that the flip side of this means that since he signed it and has 100% control, that I also have 100% control. I think saying it like that may make it easier to get Chipmunk to back down from wanting Airyn's name on everything she signs up for.

I may tell her that since they now have a joint account, and any mistakes she makes will now effect me that she has to show me everything that is going on with the account. Which is a level of control that I don't want, and she won't appreciate. I'll talk with Airyn more about it and see if we can get an agreement that once she has her apartment she remove Airyn from the account (or closes it). And save her money in an account that is just hers.

Sadly it's not just my decision to make.
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