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Originally Posted by mrblueeyesxxx View Post
My wife can be friends with whoever she likes including men. I just don't want an emotional connection with a sexual partner other than me. That is something completely different than friendships.
Mmmm, except for the emotional affairs that don't even involve sex, particularly if they're long-distance/online. And except for the many, MANY relationships that have started (mono or not) as friends and then deepened into something more, sometimes before they involved sex, and especially common after sex is involved. I understand your desire and I'm not trying to invalidate it, I'm just trying to show you (in a different way than GalaGirl did, since even though you say she "nailed it" you haven't commented, that I've seen, on the part that commented on the major drawbacks of swinging) how what you want may be incompatible with you desire to have you wife have sex with other men and be a swinger. Is it possible to have sex without an emotional connection? Sure. But you just can't tell what will happen and I, for one, wouldn't bet my relationship(s) on it.
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