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Default All caught up.

It's a lot to read, but then a lot has happened in the last three weeks or so.

Things are looking up for me. Airyn understands what I really want with him, and understands why I'm willing to be ok with him having a girl friend. That I do love him, and I want him to be happy, and that I've been trying to find a place for me to be happy inside of what he wants.

I'm still open to the possibilities, and I've told him the he and Chipmunk have burned a lot of bridges, a lot of possibilities. That it wasn't just one thing or one person, but a lot has happened, and lot has been damaged, and I'm still working my way through a lot of things. I told Airyn yesterday that I can see things getting better, that with things working better between eh and I all I can do is work on the rest of the issue stressing me out till they get better two. I told him that I figure something will take longer then other, but that over all i feel better.
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