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Default Monday, February 4th

It's a strange day. I get home really late from work. Airyn and Chipmunk are in Chipmunk's space sleeping on a one person cot. Airyn comes out when I get home telling me he was worried and asking what took so long. I tell him i had to see HR about changing my W4 for next years tax season like we talked about. That I thought he would remember, and that HR isn't there till 7, and I got home as soon as I could considering morning traffic through downtown. We kiss and i apologize for worrying him. Then he tells me he's sharing Chipmunk's cot, but is going to get up and join me in the bedroom at 10. He asks if that's ok. I tell him sure.

10am he moves into the bedroom, but I'm up at the computer. He crawls back into bed, and I laydown with him for a few moments. I tell him that I'm not going to fall a sleep and I'm getting up. He's ok with that, I close the blinds she he can have less light to sleep in, then give him kisses and go back to my computer.

He wakes up around noon we snuggle and talk at a whisper for a while. Then off to the kitchen for coffee. In the kitchen he's still whispering. i tell him he shouldn't have to whisper now, but he says you can hear every little thing in Chipmunk's space. Of course it's only curtained off. Then he says that the coffee bean grinder will be really loud. i tell him the new one is more quiet then our old one. Coffee in hand we head back to the bedroom, and Airyn wakes Chipmunk she has to be into work at 2pm, and she wants to get there early to pick up her benefits paper work from her HR people. They leave in the car to go to the coffee house across from Chipmunks work, and have lunch together. I walk and meet them 20 mins before Chipmunk has to be in to work. Airyn walks her across the street, and comes right back. We mess around on the tablets, and enjoy a couple cups of coffee before heading home again.

At home Airyn decides to tell me what was up between him and Chipmunk. Apparently she was ready to call their relationship off Saturday night. He tells me that hearing us talking and laughing like a happy family made her feel guilty like she was or has ruined our marriage. I point out that things are better between he and I then they were when she and I broke up. That things are better between he and I then the last time she was commenting on being bothered that he and I are married. Airyn agrees with me. He tells me that she was balling in the shower saying that she loves him and has ruined his marriage.

He's telling me that he told her he's tired of her swinging back an forth. That on the weekends she's unable to handle it, but Tuesday rolls around and everything is grand, then the weekend comes back up and she depressed, and sad and everything is over. That he needs some stability form her. I tell him that the 13th has come and gone and she never did commit to the two of them. That unless he gets her to actually say out load that she is willing to commit to making their relationship work that he won't have anything stable to hold on to. She's never had a serious relationship before and poly relationships aren't for most newbies (especially ones who are actually mono wired). She needs to get out, grow up, and experience life so she can have the skills to be in this type of relationship. Airyn agrees. We talk more. and he bring up them wanting to do a handfast ceremony. Something fancy and wedding like, but not an actual wedding. He's asking me again if I'm ok with that. I tell him I knew it would come up eventually, but I don't see them making that type of commitment any time soon. Airyn agrees that it wouldn't happen till next fall or next spring. i tell him that they have to survive 3 to 6 months of her having her own apartment first.

He's telling me that she was worried I get upset and cry about it. I grin and tell him i probably will cry at their handfasting. He say their a difference between one and another. I know, I know. I tell him that if it will make him happy I'm ok, but that they really need to get her moved out, and see how things go 3 month from now, and 6 months from now. Then we are talking about how Airyn doesn't anticipate spending a solid 3 day or 4 days at one home. He tells me he's not going to go three days with out seeing Wolf. I tell him I never expected that he would. Then he's telling me that he's going to prep our extra desk top pc for keeping at her place. Saying that Chipmunk wants to feel like he lives with her too, and that he'll be keeping some clothes at her place. They are talking about going clothes shopping together. I joke about her owning his Guinness shirt as she's worn in twice in the past week. That it got washed, and never made it into his shirt drawer. I tell him I'll have to get him a couple more when Irish fest comes around again.

Airyn talks about spending time between my our place and the apartment he and chipmunk are getting as being fluid. that when Chipmunk goes to bed early, he'll probably come over to our place and see me off to work. And after I call it a day if Chipmunk is home he'll go to her place. That once I'm sleeping he'll still be visiting her on her lunch break. Talking about how something still won't change. I tell him that it will probably take a while to figure out what works, and what doesn't. To see what he finds easy and comfortable for him since he'll be the one driving back and forth. Airyn tells me that he's hoping we'll be with in walking distance. That Chipmunk is going to stay within easy walking distance to her job. I point out that I'm looking for place between where we are and Wolf's school and that this is within walking distance to her job.

I tell him it felt more real after I heard him tell Wolf about the move. He said that Chipmunk was worried that Wolf wouldn't handle it well that she'd see it as a separation between he and I. He talks about how we haven't raised Wolf with those traditional views of life, love, sex or marriage. that Wolf is probably the most comfortable with this idea of all of us. For her she'll have two homes to goof around in soon.

Then he tells me that she's been concerned with how I would handle them talking about a handfasting. That she said something like, "Numina would be very upset if she knew what we were talking about". He says now he has to convince her that we talked about it and that it's just as ok now as when we first talked about it months ago. He's telling me he has a hard time convincing her what I am ok with. I tell him that if she never talks to me or asks me she'll never know, or be comfortable.

Over all it's solid conversation, nothing fun like talking about sexy stuff and kink, but still not angry or overly stressful. I comment that it was nice talking with him without all the anger and stress, and Airyn agrees. In our room I'm on my computer and Airyn is on his, we are doing our own thing, but have been flirting and teasing each other off and all through out the day. Thing between Airyn and I have gotten a lot better. When he's getting ready to leave to visit Chipmunk on her break I flash him and he doesn't resist nibbling on me before he heads out the door. He's not for sure when her break is and he's leaving a little earlier then he expects her to get her break because of traffic. I tell him that knowing me I'll probably still be up when he gets home. He tells me he'll wake me if I'm not. We grin and he heads out.

I actually fall asleep while he's out, and when he gets back he has to kick Wolf out of our room I'm in bed sleeping, and Wolf is talking loudly at Airyn who walks her out of the room berating her for not being considerate when I'm obviously trying to sleep. He comes back and we talk a little bit. I ask if everything is ok, and he say things seem to be ok. Then he snuggle up with me, and in no time we are sweaty and content. He tells me it's late and that I should sleep then he gets back on his computer.

Me: I like this.
Airyn: What?
Me: This. Us.
Airyn: *laughing slightly* Yeah me too. I didn't know what you were talking about this blanket, this game, this lighting haha.
Me: you are actually physically excited by me again I really like that.
Airyn: Grins I do too. Now get some sleep.

Then I drag him into bed for some more heavy kisses. Where he ends up making me squirm while he nibbles on my back.
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