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Default Saturday, February 2nd

Airyn and I have an early morning appointment to get our taxes taken care of. We get up and are gone about an hour. 10 am Airyn gets Chipmunk up so she can get ready for work. Wolf is still sleeping, and Airyn and I head out to get live feeder mice for his snake and to stop at a yarn store just outside of Dallas. Before we get on the express way Airyn asks me if I know of a florist close by. I tell him I'm sure there is one, but that I've never really paid attention. We end up stopping at a market/grocery place. Airyn picks out a special treat for me. And organic licorice in a flavor I haven't tried before. He tells me he wanted to get me something special, but that I get chocolates all the time, and he just got me my favorite organic fresh ground peanut butter. I tell him yeah it's hard to find thing local for me when what I'm interested in these days is mostly online or outside the city. I try the his treat, and it's really nice, I even get him to try it. Then we stop at another place for a flower. Airyn was wanting to pick up just one, but since I don't know where a florist is he has to settle for a small bunch of very pink carnations. He clips one short, and we go to Chipmunk's job where he give it to her. I assume she appreciated it.

We are gone several hours, and spend the rest of our time in the car talking, goofing off, flirting and generally being close. By the time we get home we are both sleepy from getting up so early, and from driving all over the place. Off to the bedroom, for some R&R. Airyn hits all the right spots with me, and I'm feeling very warm and pleasant when we curl up for some sleep.

Chipmunk gets off at 6:30 and Airyn picks her up. At the house she wants to make a cake, but doesn't have a box mix she likes. We talk her into just making it from scratch, and I hear Airyn reminding her to clean up her project if not as she goes then when she's done. She makes her cake pops it into the oven and head to her space to snooze till her timer gots off. After her cake comes out, she's talking about getting some sleep cause she has to go to work early the next day. While she in her space she hears Airyn, Wolf and I in the living room. We are laughing, giggling and generally acting like a happy family. This makes her come out of her space. She tells Airyn that she's going to sit out side for a while.

So she's upset about something again. It's latish about 10pm at this point, and I know Airyn is going to need to go talk with her. In our room I tell him I was wanting to take a shower, that I'd like him to join me, but I think he needs to go talk to Chipmunk. He gives me hugs and is kissing my neck then tells me that he does need to talk with her. And he thanks me for being understanding. I tell him it easier to be understanding when things are working well between us, when he and I are more connected, and able to spend time together. I tell Airyn that the last few weeks I've really appreciated getting to spend time with just him even if our weekends didn't go as well as they could have. More kisses, and gratitude from Airyn

I start the shower, and get in. Airyn heads outside to talk with Chipmunk, but walks back into the bathroom really quickly. I ask him what's up, and he looks stressed, and upset. He tells me not to worry about it that it's between him and Chipmunk, and we can talk about it later. I finish my shower, and I'm now worrying about what happened. I ask him if it's something I did, and he tells me no it's nothing like that. ok.

Him and Chipmunk start emailing back and forth while he and i try to play another round of our game. I ask if they are talking it out in text. He say yeah, and it obviously tilting his screen away from me not wanting me to see what they are talking about. 30 mins of this back and forth between them and we hear Chipmunk in the shower. He tells me he needs to talk to her. I tell him ok. he goes off we lose our game. He comes back and asks what happen. I tell him 2 other people dropped so it's not his fault him being at his computer wouldn't have made enough of a difference.

Me: so what's up?

Airyn: we can talk about it later.

Me: It's not something we did right?

Airyn: no, It may not seem like it, but Chipmunk is very worried about our marriage, and about how thing fell apart.

Me: I don't have anything positive to say to that. For me to feel like she's bothered by how thing fell apart she would have to have shown that at some point, but she hasn't. You guys didn't slow down a beat when she and I broke up. And as for our marriage things are better between us what's for her to worry about?

Airyn: She has always been bothered by her view of the marriage thing.

Me: we were married when she decided to move in. And she also told us that she wasn't not sure about you, and that she likes women. It's hard for me to believe much of what she says now. I haven't heard any concerns over us being married from either of you since September why the sudden worry now?

Airyn: we'll talk about it later.

So Airyn spend a large portion of the rest of our evening talking to Chipmunk either in the kitchen or via email, and sms. I'm thinking it's her new way of being unhappy when he's spending time with me on our day, that she's found some new threat to get Airyn to tell her that he loves her and wants her in his life. She can no longer threaten to move out as now she is moving out. I asked Airyn about that one. Why was she soo upset and crying about having to get her own place when she has been threatening to move out at least once a month since she moved in? He tells me that he asked her that too, and she admitted that she never intended to move out. I tell him i knew that that I was the one that dupped her moving out a threat. I also told him each time that she can't move out she has no where to go (other then back to her biological mom's), and no way to pay for an apartment.

Sunday I make Cinnamon rolls while Airyn meets Chipmunk for lunch, we spend the day with Wolf, Chipmunk comes home from work, and then leave 15 mins later to spend super bowl sunday with her parents. Her brother picked her up, and Airyn is picking her up from her mom's place at the end of the night. I stay up really late to enjoy a couple hours of privacy after Chipmunk leave for her mom's place. After Chipmunk heads out Airyn is cooking in the kitchen and I come back in while he's talking with Wolf. He's telling Wolf about Chipmunk moving out, and seeing how Wolf feels about it.
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