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Default Thursday, January 31st

I get up for work, and Airyn reminds me about staying in the living room. I tell him I agreed and I'm not going back on it, and ask him to leave my laptop and my pillows out for me. I move some day clothes and some comfy house close to the living room so I can change after work. Airyn tells me he'll set an alarm for 10am so that I'm not off in the living room all day. I thank him for that, and he thanks me for being willing to stay in the living room for a few hours.

At work I get to thinking about the day before, and I realize something. We live in a common property state. Anything Airyn signs his name to we are both 100% financially responsible for, which on the reverse mean we are both 100% in control of as well. I start looking around on the net to confirm my suspicion. I know Airyn's not awake or available, but I message him any way. I tell him that he's right our credit reports are tied, just not in the way he thought. Then I tell him I'm ok with them opening a savings account, but not ok with a checking or an apartment. That anything he signs his name to we are both financially responsible for. I tell him that I didnít have much time to think about it when he first asked, and asked to talk about it later, but before they start looking at apartments.

When I get home I see where Airyn set the laptop, and I open it to find a hand written "I Love You <3" sticky note. So I log into gmail, and message him back that I love him too. After taking Wolf to school 9:45 rolls around and I decide to jump into the shower. That way if they get up, but don't come out right away I can just ignore it. I get out get dressed, and see that it's 10:30 they are still sleeping. By 11 I'm getting frustrated. I get home from work at 7, and home from dropping Wolf off just after 8. I have phone calls to make, and need the headphones, but they are in the bedroom. I don't feel like knitting, and I'm wishing Airyn had actually gotten up like he promised. Just after 11 I start getting sleepy enough to fall asleep. So I curl up with my laptop on Chipmunks cot. Wolf's cat gets all excited and starts purring before I'm even laying down enough for him to lay on me. lol silly cat. By 11:30 I'm a sleep.

I wake up hearing Airyn and Chipmunk talking clear as day in the bedroom. I don't wake supper quickly, but I know it's late, and I'm sad, and sleepy with just over an hours nap. I have no memory of what they were talking about. I've found that half heard conversations while I'm sleeping make little to no sense to me. Probably a good thing.

I wake up enough to open the laptop, and move out of Chipmunk's space. Airyn messages me.

Airyn: damn itís late couldnít sleep

Me: ?

Airyn: Last night I was up late after sleeping in yesterday

Me: Oh

Airyn comes out and goes to the kitchen to make himself some coffee, and I bring up the common property state stuff that I looked up. I tell him that I'll be financially responsible for anything he sings his name to, and that him having his name on a second apartment could cause problems when we start looking to buy a home. He talks about being able to remove his name like a roommate who moved out. I tell him we'll have to see how that works I don't know anything about that.

Then he goes back to the bed room to make Chipmunk get out of bed and dress for the day. They head out to open their savings account. I get message from Airyn telling me sarcastically how much fun sitting at the bank is. haha. They get home and Airyn has stopped at a grocery store picked up some bread, and cinnamon rolls. He's tell Chipmunk and I that cinnamon rolls are his favorite sweet. He save one for Wolf, but between the three of us we eat the rest. They weren't half bad considering they are store bought. I tell him I have a recipe and should make him some home made ones this week. He likes that idea.

He and Chipmunk start making sandwiches, and are telling me that they are going to go into down town and walk around for a while. The sandwiches are for a picnic type lunch/dinner at one of the park out there. Then Airyn tells me that they are bringing their tablets, and he'll message me once they get within the wifi of the college in downtown. I ask him if they are headed towards the school, and he say that they can hardly walk around in down town and not end up near the school. Then they leave pick up Wolf, drop her off and head into down town.

Wolf and I talk about her day, and I help her with home work. Then I head to the bed room to lay down, but I'm not falling a sleep. Haven't heard from Airyn yet, and it's getting late so I'm wondering where they are. Around 6pm I message Airyn (even though he's not online) and tell him that I'm really looking forward to tomorrow (Friday), and that I'm laying down. I wake up when Airyn comes into the bedroom to get the laptop and say that he never messaged me. He says he never pulled his tablet out, and apologizes. *sigh*
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