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Ok, it's been a few months, and I thought I would update this.

In brief summary, the time has been very tumultuous, emotionally and physically. Skye was officially diagnosed bipolar, though there is some discussion still if it's bipolar I or II. While it does explain a lot, both in the recent past and the whole of our time together, how to handle/cope with most of my world getting turned upside down is proving a challenge. Skye is attending a full time outpatient therapy program, as well as working with the Drs on which meds she should be taking.

In terms of relationships, Skye and I are on the verge of divorce. In mid January, she asked me to move out and I'm now living with Busbuddha, Buns, and Pickle. While she would like to see if we can work on getting back together, I'm not sure I can do that. Between the emotional damage and having to leave poly for good, it's a very difficult for me to even consider it. We are still in therapy together, but it's not gotten us anywhere. For their part, Busbuddha & Buns had to go no contact with Skye in early January. While they may some day be able to be friends with Skye again, like me, there is a lot to work through before that can happen.
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