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Default Monday, January 28th

So I get home from taking Wolf to school, and sit at my PC and mess around on the internet for a while. They are a sleep in the bed behind me, but I'm quite except for the typing. I get ready to go out for the errands I need to run and head out the door around 9am. Do my shopping, get an oil change, and window shop at Michael's for yarns I want, and to see what sales they have going. Nothing special, I get home around 11:30. They are still in bed, I put my shopping items away, and head to the bedroom to put up my wallet, and other pocket items. Airyn is waking up, and to me it appears as though they had been waking up before I came in. Chipmunk puts clothes on under the sheets, and Airyn gets up and puts his house pants on.

Airyn meets me in the kitchen, and I tell him that I'd like to go to sleep earlyish, and ask if they are ok with picking Wolf up from school. Airyn says sure, and tells me they are going to go out for a bit. They leave around 1pm, and I fall a sleep around 2. I wake up just a little while after 4, and check the time. The house is quite, and I think no one is home, but figure Airyn and Chipmunk will be home soon to drop Wolf off after school. 4:20 I get up and head to the living room. The house is still quite, and I'm worrying about Wolf getting picked up, but I walk into the living room and everyone is home. We chat for a couple mins, I'm telling him that I woke up worrying about Wolf getting picked up. Airyn says he didn't want to wake me since I've had so much trouble getting sleep recently. I tell him it's ok, and head back to the bed room to lay back down. Airyn comes in and tells me that he and Chipmunk are probably gonna go out again. He tells me he'll set up gmail, and message me while they are out so that if I wake up worrying I'll know where they are. He puts my laptop on a chair by the bed, and gets me logged in, gives me kisses, and then heads out. It takes me a couple hours to fall back to sleep.
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