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Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight View Post
Oh, NOW it has clicked!!! The women are supposed to be bisexual. OK, I get it. "2+ hot bi chicks for every man! And since there's a rule that they should be always available to give love and sex, if you [a man] don't get your first choice tonight, you have a good chance of getting your #2... and a shot at #1 tomorrow."
An explanation for why 2 new women and one man: One of each would mean 6 women to 3 men, only "2 hot bi chicks for every man!" That "+" is very important! 2 bi chicks for every man every night AND one chick left over for one of the following options:
3 chicks for the alpha male;
a night off for each of the chicks (they take turns) to rest up [Don't they realise that men's sexual stamina doesn't match women's??? It really should be "2+ hot bi boys for every woman!" And even then, some woman wouldn't be satisfied...]
a "spare wheel" in case of a flat

[Please note that I use the term "chick" in order to be intentionally offensive, as I find this set-up to be offensive.]
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