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Unhappy A chance encounter with my meta revealed that all's not well. What should I do?

Hey all.

First of all, have some context: My main man and I have a long distance, open relationship. He and I have a deep emotional and romantic connection, and I'm not looking for that with anyone else. I moved last fall, and I started seeing someone in my new city shortly after. He is "engaged to be engaged", but his relationship is open. I posted a thread a few months ago asking for advice before meeting my new lover's girlfriend. I thought the meeting went well, but I haven't seen her since. He has hinted before that his girlfriend has trepidations about him sleeping with other women, but that turned out to be an understatement.

I ran into her in public earlier tonight, and she said she wanted to talk to me. She told me that she's trying very hard to be okay with her boyfriend seeing me, but she isn't. She told me that she wants him to be monogamous, and that she's trying to accept him seeing other people, but she's actually miserable. She said she read some of the text messages that he and I sent each other, and she apologized profusely, but that still just creeps me out.

Her boyfriend hasn't been communicating with her about his relationship with me, and she's totally in the dark about a lot of important details. I don't find it morally sound for me to continue a relationship with a man whose primary partner disapproves of him seeing other women. Now knowing both sides of the story, it is obvious that they want very different things, and I don't like being the focal point of their relationship issues.
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