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Originally Posted by nondy2 View Post
Not only was it my location and family, but society's insistence that crippled people (I have mild CP) are not sexual beings. It took me 40 years to get to the point where I was sexually empowered utterly and happy with my sexual body -- honestly with the help of some 28 year boys who love older women, and are much more cool about disability than older generations; Note: I've only been turned down on cupid (explicitly because of the CP) by men over 40 .


What is very interesting for me here is that I come off as a conservative parent on this forum, but to my knowledge I am so WAY far sexually liberal (and liberal in discussing gender, race, and disability) than any parent I know in real life. None of my boys friends parents discuss sex at all. I've never even met a parent who taught their kid what I disability is (unless it's in the family)

Welcome to cougartown! It's a nice place, isn't it?

I am also repeatedly astonished and saddened by U.S. attitudes - namely that disabled people aren't, can't be, or shouldn't be sexual beings. Ridiculous.
And totally not the reality.

I also note that the last paragraph from nondy2 above illustrates perfectly the sad state of sexuality education and parenting in much of the U.S. today. This board is likely an far outlier of sex positivity, openness, and honesty. I don't think nondy2 is a conservative parent at all but way ahead of the curve in talking about sex in a real way. It makes me sad that this board, and parents like nondy2, seem to be so much in the minority in the U.S.

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