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Sorry to nitpick sparklepop, I think your response is fine otherwise but
Originally Posted by sparklepop View Post
This is really difficult, because although swinging comes under the general umbrella of poly
This is inaccurate, and you seem to use open and poly as interchangeable. Swinging, Poly, open relationships, etc are all under the umbrella of "Non-monogamy" (or "Ethical non-monogamy" if you want to clearly distinguish from cheating). Non-monogamy can include myriad levels of physical intimacy, as well as emotional intimacy and expectations. Calling it swinging versus open versus poly tends to give some idea of the basic practices and expectations of physical and emotional intimacy, though it's only a guideline, not set in stone. It may be the case here that while he wants swinging (which is generally couple-centric and focused on purely sexual interactions), she may need closer to an open relationship model, where her other relationships do not include him unless it's by the choice and consent of her and her other partner and it's understood that she will feel attraction for and may have a friendship with her other partner(s) (provided she rebuilds the trust that was lost and abides by all future agreements).

ETA: I do fond your comment about learning about NRE spot-on. I was going to comment on that myself until I saw you had it covered.
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