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Thad. We're falling in love. It's all so sudden, but it's incredible and amazing. It's hard to not fall in love with someone who has no walls and is so pure in heart and intention.

Thad's plans for the weekend changed on Friday. He had planned on taking his son way up north to visit friends and family, but his son got sick, so their plans got changed. Twitch and I had tickets to see at a dance troupe perform that night. Thad wanted to know if he could join us afterwards for a threesome. So, I asked Twitch (who had never met Thad) and he said yes. Twitch may be the best man on the planet - just saying.

How to facilitate these two meeting? Twitch thought that it might get too late if we took the time to go to the cocktail bar afterwards like we had originally planned pre-threesome idea. But to just show up at our house, um, that could be awkward.

On our way in I asked an usher how long the performance was expected to last and I texted Thad the time it was expected to be done and that we'd meet him at the Opus.

Just before the end of the performance I got a text from Thad saying he was waiting in the lobby. Twitch and I found him and I did the introductions. Handshakes between the men. And then we were out the door with Thad heading to his SUV in one direction and Twitch and me in another. As we were crossing the street Twitch suggested I ride with Thad, so I quickly called him and ran to catch up to him.

It was snowing and the roads weren't in great shape, but Thad's SUV is heavier and handles a lot better than mine, so we beat Twitch to the house by at least 5 minutes.

Things transitioned nicely and it wasn't nearly as awkward as Twitch had feared. The sex was fun, although it wasn't similar to what Twitch and I have together (D/s), nor was it like what Thad and I share (sensual), but it was still fun and extensive. Around 1:30 AM Twitch declared that he'd had enough and was going to sleep on the couch which left Thad and I with some alone time.

The next morning Twitch and I were up at 6:30 AM. I had a puppy to ship that morning, so I had to get things together and get to the airport. When we returned Twitch dropped me off at the house and then ran some errands.

Nothing like walking into your bedroom to a delicious man in your bed. A big, sexy smile, with a mop of hair in his We resurfaced a couple of hours later. Twitch had busied himself in the kitchen preparing for the Super Bowl party we were hosting the next evening. We could hear him rattling dishes and such, and I'm sure he could hear us. I'm amazed with my husband over how giving he can be and how great he has been about letting me have time with Thad.

I'm a very lucky girl.

Twitch flew to D.C. for the workweek this morning. Thad is coming over tonight. It's Monday - our day of the week.

My niece is in town for a couple of hours before she flies home to San Diego. I'm meeting her after work for dinner and then dropping her at the airport at 6:00 PM before heading for home. In a perfect world I'd be able to bring Thad along with me to dinner, but we're not there yet.
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