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I had no intention of turning this into a blame game. I love my husband. He opened my eyes and mind to so many things. I was raised a very conventiOnal way. So this lifestyle was something new to me.

Yes it took me time to get comfortable with it. But I wasn't NOT open to it. If i came across that way in my original post, i apologize. It's just another way of thinking. I think I have come a long way when it comes to being open to the lifestyle despite being raised in a mono only household..

What I was hoping to get out of this was for some sound advice. I am looking for a alternative lifestyle counselor but it's slim pickings where we live.

I have no interest in leaving my husband or name calling him. I want to know how he feels. I want to work through this with him, with as little heart ache as possible. He is a great man who knows everything about me and we have a solid friendship and active sex life, as well as the most amazing child in the world.

In my opinion we need help communicating in this area of our marriage. It's difficult. I don't necessarily need validation for my feelings. I just want to focus on working this out. And what I can do to nourish our marriage.
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