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Default Sunday, January 26th

Airyn and I wake up still in each others arms. He's obviously happy to be there, and I'm enjoying that very much. WE are getting our selves very worked up, and I whisper to him that I want him. He holds me close and says he wants me to, and tells me we have to wait till Chipmunk goes to work. Which confirms that I was right he's not ok having sex with me where Chipmunk could potentially hear us. It makes me sad, but I understand. He and I whisper back and forth how we feel. Airyn tells me will have to curl up in bed right way after Chipmunk goes to work, so we can enjoy each others company for as long as I'm able to stay awake. I have to work that night, and shouldn't stay up too late. Eventually we get out of bed. The day is spent taking care of household chores not fun, but we do throw in some flirting and such. Then Airyn takes Chipmunk to work, and he and I finally get to enjoy ourselves in bed with out worry. Afterwards we are talking quietly and I remind him what I've been saying for the past couple weeks. That if he's ok with Chipmunk coming and going in our room on our days when she's up that I have that same right. I also point out that he was not ok with bedtime or good morning sex with Chipmunk in the next room, and that he has been ok the other way around. Since it's not ok for he and I; I'm telling him there's really no reason for me to move into the living room any more. That I'm done with that.

The conversation moves to Airyn telling me that I shouldn't feel threatened by Chipmunk, that he's not leaving me, that he loves me, and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. He's very sweet and loving about it, and it bring tears to my eyes. I tell him that I love him to, and that I want to grow old with him. That Chipmunk is and has been a threat. That the two of them are not comfortable with he and I having any intimacy when she is a round. He tells me I should view her for what she is, just a girl friend. I tell him that I have not been happy here for months, and that I really want her to move out. It's a shorten version of the conversations he and I have had on and off since October. I don't remember exactly what he said, but it made me sad, so I told him that I would rather be monoamorous with him again then to continue living like this. He tells me there isn't anything he can do, and tells me that he wants me to at least be Chipmunks friend. I'm just getting more emotional, and can't talk about it any more. He asks if Chipmunk apologizing for how things turned out would help. I tell him probably not, so he asks if her explain how things happened on her end would help. I tell him all I can do is promise to listen. I can't promise anything else. He's telling me that we should talk about the things that hurt me in the first months of this relationship, and that I'll have to tell him what he's still not doing. I had told him that I can still ask for things and not get them. I told him that I didn't want to talk about it.

He's being really sweet, loving, tender, and giving me kisses. Telling me not to stress over it, that we'll figure something out. But he's still asking me to be friends and roommates with Chipmunk. He starts getting ready to go see her for her lunch, and comes back to give me more kisses, and asks if I'm ok. I tell him I'll be ok, and then he asks if I had a good weekend, so I tell him I did and give him hugs, and kisses. Then he has to go. I fall asleep while he's gone, but wake up when I hear him typing away at his computer. I ask him if he's working on school stuff. He says no he's writing something. So I ask him about it. He tells me to go back to sleep he'll show it to me later.

I get up for work, and he doesn't say anything about what he was writing we chat for a little while, and he walks me out to the car. So i ask him when he's going to show me what he was writing. He sighs, and sounds flustered, but tells me he'll show me later, and that we can talk about another day. Monday is Chipmunk day with Airyn, and before I leave for work I tell Airyn that I do have errands to run, but that my day starts when I drop Wolf off at school, that I'm not going to try to be gone between then they normally wake up and when I normally call it a night. He tells me not to worry about it, just do what I plan to do when I plan to do it.
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