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Default Saturday January 26th

I wake up earlier then Airyn, and after our day Friday I'm feeling frisky, but some what shyish. I don't know how Airyn feels about Chipmunk being just on the other side of our bedroom door. So I cuddle and fondle him, but nothing beyond that. Airyn wakes up and huggs me close and tight. It was sweet, just not very sexy. So we get up, and Airyn wakes Chipmunk. We piddle around the house for a while, and Airyn and Chipmunk decide to walk to her work again. This time I plan to give them a 15 min head start so I don't catch up to them again. I meet Airyn at a different spot, I got a bit dressed up again since I had soo much time between when they were leaving and when I left. Airyn asks me if I want to sit and have some coffee. I tell him sure, but that I didn't bring my wallet, he didn't bring his either so we walk home. lol, poor planning I had no idea he was considering stopping for Coffee. We have the rest of Saturday evening to ourselves and it's a pleasant evening.

Airyn and I are connecting better. He asked me early how my weekend was going, and I told him I was enjoying it. I Told him that i really enjoyed snuggling with him that morning, and he agreed that it was nice to be able to do that. He commented that it had been a long while.

Airyn picks Chipmunk up from work, and Chipmunk falls asleep around 2am (Airyn spends a short while talking and cuddling with Chipmunk before she falls asleep). Airyn and I are up for another hour afterwards. Airyn doesn't make any sexual overtures at bed time so I'm feeling like he's not comfortable with Chipmunk being where she can hear us. We snuggle and chat quietly for a little while. I'm struggling to tell him how I'm feeling, and how much I've enjoyed spending time with just him these past couple days. That it's been nice to have time this weekend with out Chipmunk's moody sad presents watching every move we make. Not that she wasn't moody at all, but she wasn't home most of Saturday or Friday, so it wasn't as big a deal.

But I'm struggling just to talk to him, and I'm upset that it's so hard to say anything. Airyn holds me close and tells me not to stress, that things are getting better, and it's just going to get easier. We fall asleep wrapped in each others arms.
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