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Default Friday, January 25th

Friday was a pretty good day with a few minor disappointments. Chipmunk doesn't move to her new space till I'm getting home from dropping Wolf off at school. This bothers me, but I don't say anything. I got home from work at 7am, and home from dropping Wolf off just after 8am. When I walk in Airyn is "tucking" chipmunk into her cot in her space, and giving her kisses. I head to the bedroom, and change for a nap. I was up really late Thursday cause I couldn't sleep and am really tired. Airyn and I snuggle up together, and he tells me that Chipmunk is going to that coffee house for a few hours before her mom comes to pick her up for the day. He tells me that we are dropping her off and picking her up from the coffee house.

Chipmunk is in the room getting ready to go around noonish. Airyn and I wake up and get ready. I drive, we drop her off, and head right back home for a bit. Airyn and I lay back down to watch a movie, and a couple hours later are getting ready to pick Wolf and Chipmunk up. We pick them both up, and come home Chipmunk drops her purchases off in the kitchen and gets a few things together to take with her to her mom's. Airyn is sitting at his computer and I'm sitting on the bed while she's busy rummaging through the closet and her things looking for stuff. Her clean laundry is in totes in front of her closet and has been sitting there for a week now. So she can't find anything. Airyn and I are teasing her about her space in the living room, and how now she'll have to keep that cleaned up. We joke about treating her like we do Wolf. I tell her we can take her tablets power cord away like we do Wolfs computer when it's time to clean house. She pouts, and says she not my kid, and I grin and say I know. And then leave it at that, maybe she gets it that I shouldn't have to say anything about her keeping the living room space she's claiming clean and neat. After she finds the things she was looking for she sits in Airyns lap till she gets a message from her mom saying that she's downstairs, and off she goes. Airyn and I have a pretty good evening together after that. But I have to comment on how comfortable she is being flirty with him in front of me on our day versus how uncomfortable she was when we took her with us to do shopping and saw us walking around arm in arm. I tell him that if it's cool for her to do on our day it should also be cool for me on their day. Then I tell him I'll be sure to bounce in his lap on there day next time. He laughs and says she wasn't bouncing. I tell him I know, and grin saying I don't normally bounce in his lap either and that I was just kidding any way as I'm more discrete then that.

Airyn and I end up having a good evening together, but I'm just getting over being sick and get into bed right around the same time Chipmunk is getting home 11:30pm. Airyn tells me that if I want to nap I should, and that he'll wake me in a couple hours so we can play our game some more. Chipmunk is settling into her space and getting into her cot. Airyn kinda tucks her in and gives her kisses, then comes back to me and basically does the same. I fall asleep quickly, and don't wake up till about 4am asking Airyn for water. Airyn brings me a glass, and then joins me in bed telling me it's really late. I call him a trickster for talking me into napping even if it was for my own good. We giggle and cuddle and fall back to sleep. Airyn tells me that it was nice being able to tuck both Chipmunk and me in when we went to sleep.
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