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Default Wednesday and Thursday

So I get home from dropping Wolf off at school, and sit a my computer while I wind down. At about 8:20ish I snuggle up to Airyn, and ask him when Chipmunk is getting up he says she getting up around 8:30. I tell him that's not long from now, and end up snoozing till his alarm goes off. Airyn gets up and wakes Chipmunk up, and he and I chat a bit while she gets ready for work. After Airyn drops Chipmunk off at work he picks me up we were headed to buy some coffee for the house, but he stops at a new coffee shop he and Chipmunk have been to a couple times, and we sit down to a couple bottomless cups of coffee, and brunch. It's a nice place and I like both the hot coffee, and the yummy food. We get our coffee for the house, and spend several hours snuggled together in bed. It was sweet, but Airyn remarks that I'm getting all clamy again, and suggests that we not do anything more exciting while I'm well. Since I'm feeling really crappy I have no complaints, and tell him that I've really enjoyed snuggling with him. When our alarm goes off we get up, and pick Wolf up then Chipmunk. Back at the house Airyn tucks me into bed with kisses telling me that he enjoyed snuggling with me too, and that he wants me to get better. Tells me to get as much sleep as I can, and he'll see me in a few hours.

Thursday after work, I take a short nap and get Airyn up around 10am to head into downtown to take care of some school things with him. He gets frustrated at all the lines we end up in, but then we talk to the STEMS office about an internship where he can get job experience programing, and using the computer knowledge he has, plus what he's currently learning. He's excited, and reads over several of the intern posting. Hands the book back to the lady we are talking to and tells her he could do any of the positions she currently has open. So now he's planning to email her his resume, and set up an appointment to iron his resume out and send it to several of the posting he was looking at. We end up being gone for several hours. When we get home Chipmunk is still in bed, but is awake.

They decide to walk to Chipmunk's work, and Airyn asks me to meet him half way. I tell him sure. Since Chipmunk walks slower then I do after they head out I decide to change into something a bit sexier and put on some make-up. I spend about 5-10 mins getting ready then head out. I walk through the neighborhood as usual and never spot them, I'm walking a little bit faster thinking that I'm running behind since I spent time doing make-up (which is rare for me). But when I turn a corner into the shopping center parking lot I'm only about 15 feet away from them. I stop suddenly very much surprised as I never spotted them while I was walking. I give them a big lead and walk much much slower to my meet point with Airyn. When he meets up with me I tell him that I almost ran into them, and he tells me I didn't see them because they took the alley, and then he showed me the way they walked. I told him I didn't want them to think I was spying on them or anything I really didn't mean to catch up to them I just walk fast. He said not to worry that he didn't spot me till I got to our meet point and they didn't think anything of it. We spend a few mins talking at home then have to go pick Wolf up from school. I'm having trouble sleeping, so Airyn puts some light music on and snuggles with me for a while. Then heads out to have lunch with Chipmunk. At this point its been days since he and I have had any sexually intimacy other then cuddling. It makes me sad, but I have been sick, and messy with my cycle, not a good combination for feeling sexy.
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