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Default Sick days.

Monday I'm really ill, but go into work anyway. While at work I also start my cycle. With major cramps, coughing sneezing, a generally body achyness, and massive headache I come home a bit early. Sit at my computer in the bedroom with a cup of hot tea, I'm crying or teary eyed due to how icky I feel. When my headaches get bad I cry, not sobbing emotional, just pain tears. After a while I get dressed thinking I'll still take Wolf out for shopping like I had promised her, and Airyn/Chipmunk. Instead I grab a couple blankets, my pillow and curl up on Wolfs bed beside her and fall asleep. That's probably at 10:30 or 11am.

Airyn gets up around 12:30pm and comes out to check on me. Chipmunk had apparently told him I was crying. So he wakes me up and asks me how I'm feeling, but I'm not so coherent. He tells me that I'm clamy, and I tell him I'm cold. So he checks my temp, but I'm not running a fever. He gets me up and makes me some hot tea and breakfast. Then asks again if I'm ok. So I give him the list of my body aches and pains. He tells me that Chipmunk said I was crying that morning. I told him of course I hurt every where, and the rest we can talk about later. He's relieved that it's not something he did. At about 2pm I'm being tucked back into our bed with another cup of hot tea, and kisses from Airyn. He's telling me to sleep as much as I can that maybe I'll feel better in the morning.

The next morning I'm getting ready for work, but still feel just as crappy. Airyn asks how I'm feeling, and I tell him not so great. I also tell him I may come home early again, but that I'll just wait and see how I feel once I'm more awake. He sends me to work with plenty of tea to drink. When I get home I'm not feeling as bad as the day before, so I get dressed, and get Wolf up at about 9am she and I head out to have our shopping trip that got postponed due to my being sick. Wolf asked me why I was sleeping in her bed yesterday morning, and I tell her that I was feeling really Ill, and couldn't fall asleep, but laid down in her bed fully dress for our shopping trip and went right to sleep. I told her that normally I can't sleep in my bra and jeans. She laughs at my explanation and the funny face I make at her. We spend more then an hour at a hobby/craft store. Wolf is frugal with her gift card money, and gets her self some on sale modeling clay in a multicolor package, and some clearance card stock paper that she intends to use for origami. I'm proud of her careful math and thoughtful item choices. She could have bought the same things, but the non sale/clearance ones at a higher price tag. She was being smart, and didn't need any coaching suggestions from mom on how to make her gift money go farther. After that I have a few errands to run, so we go to the grocery store, and then I take her to the library to pick herself out some new reading materials as she just returned her last book. She found herself a four book series, and check all four books out.

It's after noon before we get home, and Airyn and Chipmunk are still sleeping. Wolf and I put up our groceries. My day is basically over I'm tired, and still not feeling well. They get up while I'm putting away groceries, and head to the kitchen. Airyn makes me a cup of tea. Wolf shows off her purchases. Airyn tells me that he and Chipmnk are going out for coffee and to pick up a camp cot for Chipmunk's space. I tell Airyn that I'm pretty tired and that I'd like to get to bed early. I crawl into bed with my tea just around 1pm, and they head out around 2. When they get back around 3 I hear them putting the cot together in the next room, and They are coming and going from the bedroom getting pillows, blankets, tablets, the laptop, and such. I have a hard time falling back to sleep, but eventually do. At some point that night I wake up to the noises they are making. Talking loudly or laughing, and music. They turn it down quickly, but Now I'm awake. Can't fall back to sleep and when I realize it's almost time for me to get up for work I give up on sleep and jump in the shower. When Airyn comes in the room to make sure I'm up I'm already dressed.

I tell him that I couldn't fall back to sleep after they got loud suddenly, and took a shower. He puts his hand on my wet hair which i have up in a bun, and tells me my hair is wet. I tell him yeah that happens in a shower. lol. He tells me he never heard the shower turn on, and said that they were watching tv on the laptop. He apologizes for waking me, but I tell him there's not much he can do I'm a light sleeper and the sounds was really sudden when it was so quite in my room. Chipmunk's space is right up against one of the door to our bedroom. We don't use the second door, so if seemed like a good place when the idea came up. Chipmunk doesn't come out of her space which Airyn has dubbed "the broom closet" because it is tiny. He tells me that Chipmunk has decided to sleep in her new space tonight. So when I get home he'll be in bed alone. I ask him what time she's has to be at work. He tells me early, and that he's not sure what time she's getting up. Ok so probably not going to get be napping in bed after work.
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