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Default Sunday, January 20th

The next morning we clean up the space and make some rearrangements. I pull out some fabric and curtain it off, and we burn candles and incense in the space to make it smell nicer. The curtains help the space retain the fragrance. I'm very lethargic, and don't feel I'm getting much done quickly. Airyn and Chipmunk are working on Laundry, cleaning the kitchen, and bathroom. At first I think it's just from not sleeping so well, but I've had a sore throat for the past 2 or 3 days, and now my nose is running, I'm sneezing, and coughing.

Airyn takes Chipmunk to work, and comes home to me already bundled up in bed. We cuddle and talk, and I tell him that I think I really am sick, so we make some tea. Laying down brings on a lot of coughing and is making it hard to fall asleep, so I end up being up really late. Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be Airyn's days with Chipmunk, and since Wolf is off from school for Martin Luther King day I was planning to take her out to do some fun craft shopping. She has several gift cards from birthday and holiday gifts. I have been telling Airyn that there is no reason Chipmunk and I should ever sleep in the same bed together since our trip out of town to pick Wolf up from his mom's. That evening I'm telling him that he has giving Chipmunk permission to come and go as she please in the bedroom on our mornings together once she wakes up, and that if since she has that permission I have that same right. Then I point out that My day at home starts at 7am, and that I'm not going to be moved into the living room any more. Airyn listens and doesn't disagree.

I remind him that the bedroom has always been my space. When I come home from work/dropping Wolf off I have always spent my time in the bed room. Either I lay down and read while he sleeps, or we both sit at the computers. I also tell him that if complete privacy isn't available to he and I in the morning I see no reason for me to be ok with the two of them having that any more. Airyn tells me he understands how I feel.
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