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Default Skipping to Friday Jan 18th

Chipmunk has plans to be picked up by her mom, She leaves, and Airyn and I have a couple hours completely to our selves before we have to pick wolf up from school. Considering our discord early in the week we are just kinda hanging out, chatting about inconsequential things, and shyly touching, hugging, kisses. After we pick Wolf up Airyn asks about going out to get the tablet he's been wanting to buy. I'm up for it so we head out, but none of the place we stop at have the one he wants. We spent 3 hours driving around town in rush hour for nothing. Come home Airyn gets on line and calls a couple places, finds his tablet, and we jump back into the car to drive 45 mins outside of our city to get his tablet. By the time we get home we have about an hour before Chipmunk is going to get home, I'm stressed from driving in heavy Friday evening traffic. Airyn offers to give me a massage, but once we are home we don't have time. Friday ends up being disappointing with Airyn and I not really connecting like we want, or need to be. Sigh, go to bed hoping Saturday will be a better day.

I have plans Saturday morning. Airyn is dropping me off at a coffee/breakfast place so I can meet History. She and I are going to a different fiber farm. The plan is set so that Saturday is a half day for Airyn and I. He'll be spending the morning and most of the afternoon with Chipmunk, and picking me up from our local bookstore after dropping Chipmunk off at work. I don't have a set time I'll be getting to the bookstore I've told History that I'd like to be dropped off between 3 and 4pm. Airyn had asked me to come home as early as I can when he was figuring out how much time we'd have to ourselves. It felt really nice to have him asking me to come home so we could spend time together. Airyn and I will have Saturday evening, and are talking about staying up latish to either play a PC game or watch some tv together.

So Airyn drops me off, I meet up with History, and she and I have a great time at the fiber farm, we get a tour, and spend some time knitting and chatting with the ladies who are there for the 3rd Saturday knitting/spinning meet up. It pleasant. History is just getting over being ill though so we leave earlier then we had intended as she's tired and needs some sleep. I've messaged Airyn on and off letting him know that this farms was fun, and way better then the last fiber farm History and I attempted to visit. Airyn tells me that Chipmunk saw her adoptive parents (the ones who raised her) for the first time in about 3 years on a live video cast by her parents church. She emotional, upset at herself for not keeping in contact. Bother by how she moved out, and worried by comments her biological mother has made about her adoptive mom. Nothing I can do, So I suggest that she take the time to call them, or at least write to them.

Airyn tells me he's getting her out of the house for a bit, and lets me know that they are at a local coffee house. Then he gets quiet, I send him a couple messages that he doesn't respond to. It's not a big deal I'm just telling him about the fiber farm, so a response isn't required, but it would have been nice.

So History Drops me off at my local bookstore and I message Airyn letting him know she dropped me off early, and why. History is just getting over being sick, and was really feeling tired. And hour later I get a call from him asking me to log in to gmail to chat for a bit. Ok, I'm wondering what's up and when he'll be picking me up. Luckily I really like this book store and can easily lose track of time browsing the books. The bookstore internet isn't work, so I give up on gmail chatting, and Call Airyn back. He's telling me that he's dropping Chipmunk off at work then going home to pick up Wolf then he'll pick me up. That how long it take will depend on how long it take Wolf to get ready to go. So Another hour passes before Airyn arrives. We let Wolf browse so she can spend what's let of her gift card, then we head home. Drop Wolf off and pick up Chipmunk's lunch. I ask Airyn if he's just dropping her lunch off or what. He tells me he was planning to visit with Chipmunk during her break and tells me that Chipmunk is still very emotional over her family stuff. That he doesn't think she should stay at work, but that maybe having something to do will help her. So I'm disappointed. Airyn is telling me that we may be pick Chipmunk up early from work, after having picked me up 2 hours after I was ready to come home. We meet up with Chipmunk so Airyn can talk to her and drop off a jacket, then he and I head to a coffee shop. I tell him that it's disappointing that she'll likely come home early, and point out that he'll need to talk with her, and be the caring fellow he is. That I understand she emotional over family stuff, and that he'll want to comfort her. I tell him that there's nothing wrong with that, but for me it will be disappointing. I tell him that after the stressful driving all over town looking for his tablet last night I had really been looking forward to having some time privately with him. That he and I haven't been alone in days, so I'll be disappointed if she does come home early.

We get coffees at the coffee shop and are still talking when Airyn gets a message from Chipmunk saying she's not doing good, and could he come get her. He heads out picks her up and brings her back with him, so we spend the next several hours at this coffee house drinking coffee, and munching on chips with Chipmunk. At the moment she seems ok, but we both know she's sad. At home Airyn and I get on the computer, but he's obviously uncomfortable showing me affection with Christina home in her current emotional state. He won't go off to talk with her and comfort her like I suggested he do. And when she comes over to show him something on her tablet he's rubbing her back. I lean my head on his shoulder, but get no response from him. When It becomes clear that Airyn just isn't ok being affectionate with me, I look at the possibilities for Sunday. Only to find out that Chipmunk is going into work really late for me to be up. This upsets me, and I tell Airyn I'm going to take a shower.

Airyn checks on me in the shower to see what's wrong, and I tell him that this weekend is disappointing. Friday we had no privacy, We took Wolf with us each time we went out, and Chipmunk came home just after we got home. Then Saturday she's upset over the state of her relationship with her adoptive parents, and now Sunday we won't get time to ourselves either. I tell him I'm disappointed, that I had been looking forward to this weekend. That I had things I wanted to talk with him about, and that I was wanting to snuggle, and flirt, but that we haven't gotten to do any of that. He's telling me that Chipmunk isn't upset to purposely hurt me. I tell him I know this, but that doesn't make it any less disappointing.

After i get out of the shower we make food, and sit in bed to watch some tv. Eventually Airyn lays down. I lay my head on his chest while we watch our show, but he's all hands off, and won't even put his arm around me. When I try to hold his hand he moves away and puts his hands behind his head. So I give up and sit back up, and pull my knitting into my lap. Eventually I feel I'm sleepy enough to actually fall asleep, and get under the covers. Airyn sits with me, but still not snuggling.

I do fall asleep, but am really only lightly dozing, and I wake up when he and Chipmunk leave the room together. I figure they've headed to the kitchen to talk, and so Airyn can comfort her like he's been wanting to do all afternoon. A few mins later they come back to the room, and Airyn notices that I'm awake. He sits back down with me and we talk a few mins. He tells me he thought I was asleep, and that he needs to talk with Chipmunk. I tell him that I woke up as they were leaving the room, that I know he wants to talk to Chipmunk, and that he should do that. He starts sounding frustrated and tells me that if I'm up he has to stay by me.

Me: Airyn I haven't done anything, I'm just awake. I know you want to talk with her, so go do that.
Airyn: I'm sorry, It's just frustrating, it's 2am and I really need some time to talk with Chipmunk.
Me: *Rolling away from him* So go I'm just awake, I can't help that, and I'm not stopping you from talking with her.

Instead he sits on the bed and starts watching more tv. Eventually he get up and works on a computer he's trying to fix for one of Chipmunk's co-workers. I fall back to sleep, but wake up again when the room gets quite. Airyn and Chipmunk are off in the other room talking. It's about 4am when Airyn comes to bed, and tells me that Chipmunk is sleeping in the living room, and that they want to turn a small space in the living room into her space, buy a camping cot and curtain it off so she has her own "room". I ask how she's doing, and tell him that I'll probably go out some where in the morning. That I just don't want to deal with her being emotional after this weekend. I tell him that it will give them the space to work it out without me there. He tells me that we will get to spend time together, That he'll stay clse to me, and that we should play our game. That we can wake up in the morning and cuddle since Chipmunk is in the living room. At the very least he tells me we'll get to cuddle after she goes to work. Then he rolls over and falls asleep.
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