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Default Monday, January 14th

The Plan: After work take Wolf to school, come home wind down and get into bed while Airyn and Chipmunk are getting ready to leave. Sleep till 1 or so then get up and get ready to meet a new lady.

Their plan: Get up and get to their appointment by 9am.

I'm running late from work. Between being tired from not sleeping Sunday, and barely making it home in time to take Wolf to school I'm frustrated. I walk into the bedroom, tell Airyn I just got home and have to leave in a min to take Wolf to school. Then I'm out the door again. I get back home 10 after 8 and they are still in bed sleeping. I'm thinking they forgot to set their alarm so I ask Airyn.

Me: What time are you getting up?
Airyn: 9 or 10
Me: 9, or 10?
Airyn: Yeah, she wants to make some calls before we go, and we'll probably not go till tomorrow.
Me: So you aren't going till tomorrow?
Airyn: probably

Now what, what about my plan? When are they actually getting up? Why didn't Airyn send me a message letting me know they changed their plans.

So I'm sitting at the computer frustrated, and decide that I'm just gonna keep my mouth shut. When ever they get up I'll go to bed. Grrr

9am their alarm goes off, and I'm browsing the web. Airyn wakes Chipmunk, and comes over to give me a kiss. I guess I was a bit aloof cause he asked what was wrong. I shrug and tell him not right now. But he asks again a few mins later after Chipmunk leaves the room. So I tell him that it's not acceptable for them to change their plans and not tell me. Their change of plans affects me. I had plans for today. I was supposed to have the bedroom so I can sleep. He says it's the difference of an hour. I tell him that they didnít just change their plans for today, now they need the car for tomorrow now two, and I had plans to be out. That I had originally asked for he and I to have the bedroom this morning, and had to give that up because Chipmunk decided to tell us that she needed to go to the doctor first thing Monday morning.

It goes back and forth for a bit, I crawl into bed, and Airyn leaves looking stressed.

I wake up around 1. Chipmunk has to be to work for 2:30. I get dressed, and head to the kitchen. Chipmunk and Airyn are walking to Chipmunk's job. Airyn asks if I've heard from the lady I'm meeting. I tell him no, but I've sent her a message trying to confirm that we are still meeting at 3. Then head out for their walk.

2:10 and I have not hear back from the lady Iím meeting. So I decide to walk to meet Airyn and meet him to walk home. 2:20 and I get a message telling me that she canít make it to the book store till about 5pm. Sigh, well that works I guess since now I can walk or drive with Airyn to pick our kid up. I catch up to him he's surprised since He thought I'd be getting ready to head out. I tell him she changed her time again. Iím expressing my frustration, and despite my desire to let this morning go this brings it back up.

Airyn is telling me that it really stressed him out to get (as he called it) reamed by me before heís even awake. He says he spent most of the morning in the bathroom with his stress, and wasnít able to sleep. I tell him that it wasnít so easy to fall asleep with my anger either. He asks me if it was worth it, and I tell him I donít know. Depends on if things change or not.

Airyn: Next time just ask me to clarify; Iím sure Iíd have woken up enough to remember if you had asked.

Me: I did ask you. Twice, and you told me 9 or 10, and didnít give me more info then that.

Airyn: you could have asked me to be more specific.

Me: you could have messaged me, or left me a note on the computer that things had changed.

Airyn: yeah we could have both done things differently.

Airyn and I head out to pick up Wolf and I ask him about the 13th. I ask if Chipmunk made a decision, or not. He tells me she hasn't said anything, and that he's assuming that she's committed to their relationship. I point ou that he's making an assumption, and that if she hasn't come out and said one way or the other he should ask. I also ask him what he expects if she decides to break things off. Will he move her into the living room permanently give her a time line for when she has to move out? What? He tells me he's pretty sure she's committed to making this work. Ok, what if she changes her mind once she can afford her own place? Or a few months after she moves out? He's not sure, and says he'd rather not speculate.

Then I get a message from the lady Iím meeting telling me where she is heading and asking if I want to meet her there or wait till the bookstore. I tell her I can meet her there as itís an early meet time and closer to me.

We meet up, and hang out at the trendy thrift store till about 5pm. I was all smiles, she was straight faced. We spent our time on idl chitchat with a few personal questions thrown in. Over all I was disappointed. I had hoped we would hit it off better, and that he's be more light hearted, and happy then she was. Better luck next time perhaps. I left with the suggestion that she and I meet up to do some sewing, which was the Long-range plan she suggested in her first message to me.
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