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Default wow this thread has gone crazy

Just for the record. I am female, I am bi. I am not disgusted by anyone's opinion on this board. I enjoy all kinds of porn and am not imaginary, going through a phase, or doing it for a man. I think whatever makes you happiest you should do, unless it causes harm to someone else. If it's not sane, safe, and consensual with a legal adult it's not a self preserving healthy behavior. It would be nice if moral superiority for any reason were not an issue. People are people and nature beautifully and dutifully expresses every possible combination. Some survive, some don't. It is not our business to determine rightness or non rightness based purely on our puny and mostly limited information. The best any of us can do is experiment until we find where we feel most at peace with ourselves and leave others to do the same. Anything else is a waste of good air. This is me.... stepping down.

Self honesty, communication, respect trifecta of a good start.
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