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Originally Posted by Mark1npt View Post
Mono, I think it's pretty darn admirable that you are so mono, yet can accept the poly lifestyle of redpepper. That's gotta be tough.
It's only possible because of the love we both have for each other and the help of her husband who has become a very close friend. It is not near as tough anymore..I am secure in so many ways, as is she. In fact, we have really moved into a new area of comfort for all of us just recently. We want this forever but try not to overthink the future as that is where we can get fearful. We also have learned not to let external stuff influence us as much.

This is about the three of us building something based on the love we share. At it's core is the undeniable fact that me and Redpepper love each other immensely and I am a positive in her life with her husband and son.

I am beyond lucky to get to experience even a little of her love. She is amazing.
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