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Unhappy Attracted to Partner's Best Friend

Hi I need advice! I live with my male partner, J, his best male friend/business partner, B, and my best female friend, M. We are all practicing non-monogamy, but so far have only coupled up as myself and J together, and B and M together. Myself and B are very attracted to each other, and have talked about it, but we haven't told J. J is appreciative of honesty, but I'm worried that if I tell him I'm attracted to his best friend and business partner, jealousy and competition would arise their friendship and work could both be tarnished. I don't plan to act on my attraction to B, so part of me thinks I don't even need to say anything. But I also don't like keeping things from J. Has anyone been involved in a similar situation or feels as though they have advice? Thanks!

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