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Default The Exam: Culmination

As She moved next to Anna, She kissed her and fondled her breasts, then turned to watch as Master had told her to. Then he moved against Anna's nicely prepared pussy and slid inside her, at first watching his entry, then watching her. "Do you see how I'm entering Anna? Even though I'm inside Anna and making love to her, you know I love you, right?" he taught with a loving and kind tone which she so needed and appreciated.

She was immensely turned on now, and She wanted to come so bad, but knew that she wasn't allowed to do anything other than that instructed by Master. Instead she watched as he became more and more aroused inside Anna, fucking her deeply in and out, back and forth. Pumping into her sometimes faster and sometimes slower, grinding into her clit at times, to hear her near orgasm, but never letting her go over that edge.

Anna began making sounds as if she were about to come. She helped by sucking her nipples, nibbling them with her teeth, and kissing her mouth hungrily, taking each in turn. Master continued to look at her and say, "I am so very pleased by Anna's tight and nice pussy that I think I might come inside her. What do you think about that?" he asked her, and as She made eye contact with him she could see he was holding himself off as long as he could, but that he was very near the edge of allowing himself to come.

"I think that would please me much, Master. You should do that if you like," She sweetly responded, as Anna began bucking and screaming out in pleasure, finally coming.

Upon hearing her approval, and knowing he had pleased Anna with an orgasm, he gasped and rocked inside Anna as far as he could, then slowed a second, deep inside, gasping. She knew he was just then ejaculating into Anna's open, fertile cervix and his sperm was entering her womb, traveling upward on that ancient journey to life.

He continued to pump a writhing, begging, Anna as long as he could, then he pulled away from her. She dripped love juice all over the end of the table, and it was all over her thighs, mons, and even lower abdomen.

"After you give Anna her medication, lick her, soothe her pussy, and clean her up, Love," he demanded in his authoritative, yet kind way.

She kissed Anna again, and Anna was very responsive. She moved to the counter, opened the box of emergency contraception, and proffered it to Anna, saying, "Take these, they will keep you from getting pregnant. I'm going to give you one now, then I will give you the other one later." Anna opened her mouth and did as instructed, as they knew she would.

Then She moved down and began by licking her belly, then moved to Anna's inner thighs, leaving behind only her saliva. When She was satisfied that Anna was clean everywhere else, She sat on the stool and began to lick her vagina, which was by now emitting its contents of her Master as they dripped out and down from Anna's gaping hole. She thrust her tongue as far into Anna as she could go and sucked out his excellent cum, which was mixed with Anna's muskiness in a love elixir she never tired of eating. Finally, when Master was satisfied that Anna was squeaky clean, he said She could finish off by licking Anna's clit. Her doting tongue found Anna's swollen but tiny member and gently kissed it, licked it, and sucked it until she found the right cadence that Anna seemed to prefer, using Anna's body language and verbalization as cues. In a few minutes, Anna was convulsing in a huge orgasm as she held her mouth on her engorged clit steadily until the girl was completely spent.

Master praised her cunnilingus performance and told both of them he was very pleased and satiated by them. He kissed them warmly, Anna first, then her, and told them to get dressed. It was time to go. She knew Master would give her her pleasure later. He was making her wait for it. Like a good Master does. <3
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