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"I want you to lie back now. I want to examine you. Have you ever had a lady's exam?" He asked in the tone a teacher would use with a young, recalcitrant child.

"Yes, once," Anna replied, as she laid back as instructed. Her legs came together instinctively, because it feels vulnerable lying half-clothed on an exam table in a cold doctor's office.

"Now, I want you to place your feet in these stirrups here," he helped her lovingly place each foot in a stirrup. As Anna laid back, her gown had completely fallen away so as to not even be there at all. She attempted to clutch it over her naked body, but he stopped and said, "No, simply let your arms rest on the table next to your body and leave them there." Anna complied.

He placed his hands on her outer thighs and said, "Scoot your bottom down to the edge of the table now. That's a girl, keep coming, a little farther," she followed his instructions amicably. He then left Anna open like that, as he came back where She was watching, breathing more rapidly than normal, pulse beating quickly, in short, becoming aroused. And whispered something secret in her ear, nuzzled her and reassured her that She was his and she meant everything to him. And that he wanted her now to join him and pleasure him, "In the way you know I like," as they walked back adjacent to the table.

She kneeled down and undid his pants and pulled them down to his ankles, pulled his tight underwear down as well, and his member popped up a bit, and out, as he was indeed almost hard by now. He sat comfortably down on the stool between Anna's legs and she knelt between his legs and began kissing and lightly licking his cock, noting that he was already becoming lubricated. She loved the salty taste of him and loved what it meant>that he couldn't wait to get his hands, and penis, inside Anna.

More and more she sucked his cock, as he murmured nice affirmations to her telling her she was doing a very good job, and hadn't she become a very good cock-sucker? He removed her top and told her to take off her bra, so she paused just long enough to do that. As her full breasts spilled out, he fondled them approvingly, kissed her, and kissed her breasts, which he so loved. Then he allowed her to go back to working on him.

He told Anna to let her knees drop as far to the side as possible, and helped her by pushing them apart. As he did this, he watched Anna's pussy lips part and she could feel his penis respond by pulsing bigger than before in her mouth. "I'm going to get you ready for your exam now by licking you, isn't that nice?" He kindly offered.

"Um, okay," Anna shyly said. He placed his lips on her clitoris at first and just let them rest there, working his tongue gently across her flesh, until he felt her tense body ease into the exam table beneath her. He stroked around her vulva then, tasting and exploring Anna's private spots with an expertness that was hard to match. Anna moaned lightly with his ministrations. She could feel his cock become rock hard and more of his juices flowed out, threatening an orgasm close at hand, if things kept moving this rapidly. As he moved his tongue into Anna's vagina, probing deeply, he abruptly told his lover, "Stop sucking me now, and go kiss Anna and kiss her tits," to which she immediately obeyed.

Anna turned receptively to her left side and his slave leaned over and kissed Anna affectionately as her hand gently fell on her right, beautiful breast. She kneaded it, playing with the supple nipple while their tongues explored each other's lips and mouths. She was completely aching by this time in her whole pelvic region, soaking her inner thighs with the juice from her pussy, in her element not only watching Master please Anna, but helping as well.

He would break occasionally to watch them and tell them how beautiful they were, like that, two women pleasing each other. Then, when he was ready, he called for her to come back and assist him, because, "Anna is ready now, for her exam."

He placed his right first two fingers in Anna's wet opening and pulled them apart as much as he could, until she winced. He said, "Easy, now, just relax, this might hurt a little bit, but the more you can relax, the less it will hurt."

She handed him the medium speculum she had warmed in her hand, and, with his right hand, he expertly angled it at Anna's vaginal opening and slowly inserted it into her. When it was to its hilt, he pressed the handle together which opened the bill at the end into an ever-widening arc, bringing her cervix into view, finagling the angle of the speculum until the mouth of her womb fit perfectly within the tips of it. Anna laid quietly, still and motionless, afraid to move with such a large instrument inside her most vulnerable space. He mercilessly clicked it open to it's fullest expansion and She angled the gooseneck lamp until it was emitting light all the way into the inner recesses of Anna's body, illuminating all her parts that normally do not see the light of day, ever.

He complimented Anna on being a good patient, "You are doing very well, Anna, I am very pleased you are not complaining and are handling this exam so well," he cooed.

"Thank you," Anna responded weakly. And giggled a bit. "What are you doing?"

"I'm looking at you, Anna. I want to see what you look like and make sure you are very clean and healthy. Where are you at in your cycle, Anna? Do you know?" Though she knew he already knew where Anna was in her cycle.

"Haha, um, I don't know, mid-way through or something. Is that what you mean?" She nervously asked.

"Yes, that is what I mean. Oh, yes, Anna, I can actually tell that now," he answered.

"You can?" she asked in surprise. "How?"

"Well, your cervix appears slightly open and some clear mucous is coming out of it. That usually means you are ovulating," he managed. She heard the catch in his voice and knew her Master was extremely turned on by this little fact, and She knew she was. Something about fertility and ovulation always made her so primally aroused.

"Oh, eh, okay," Anna rasped.

"Are you on birth control, Anna?" Master asked.

"No, not right now, why?" Anna responded.

"Well, I need to know in case you allow me to have sex with you. It doesn't appear that you are from your mucous though," he answered.

After he was satisfied with his view of Anna's inner folds and dusky tissues, he unclicked the speculum and removed it more open than he needed to, she noticed, making it more uncomfortable for Anna. He handed it to her, and she disposed of it, then he kissed Anna's pussy and licked it all over, making up for the discomfort he had caused, until Anna started moaning again, and her hips started involuntarily writhing on the exam table. Then She applied some lubricating jelly to the first two fingers of his right hand, as he stood up. He placed them forcefully all the way inside Anna's tight vault up to her cervix. He played them in the opening there, visualizing them in her fertile juices and applying pressure in the os, or opening, of her inviting cervix.

He then instructed, "Suck my cock and get me hard again for Anna," to her, and she was down and working on him in a heartbeat, making him harder than ever. As she sucked his fat cock, he massaged Anna's vagina, trying, but unable, to fit three fingers inside of her.

"Wow, you have such a nice, tight pussy, Anna. Do you mind now if I put my hard cock inside you, Please?" He nearly begged.

Anna was vitrually speechless and just obviously wanted to get fucked by this time, so she jerked her head in the affirmative while she frustratingly tried not to touch him, as he has originally warned her.

He pushed his slave's head away and kissed her, thanked her for getting him so hard for Anna, and told her, "I want you to go stand next to Anna now and watch me fuck her."

in luce vive, vive in amore

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