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"I wonder ... this term hypersexual, does that come from the asexual community? Or does anything more than 3 or 4 times a week count as hyper? Anyone can answer this, I am just curious."
I had not heard of the word "hypersexual" before. I'd be surprised to find out it came from the asexual community; after all, they are trying to tell us that it's okay to have an "unusual frequency" of desire for sex. In fact if "hypersexual" means "wants a lot of sex," then the word for "wants little/no sex" would be hyposexual. Neither word really works.

I don't think it's "abnormal" to want sex once a year or many times a day, there's all kinds of different people, with a wide range of characteristics. Which if anything, makes the world more fun and interesting.

I don't think "hypersexual" was meant in a bad way, I just don't know what a good word would be to use as a substitute. Supersexual perhaps? Something with more of a positive spin on it.

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