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Default The Exam: Preparation

The girl had been chosen specially by him. Her name was Anna, they met online, and he had been having his eye on her, and had been talking with her long enough to know that Anna pleased him, and turned him on. Anna was fond of him, and they liked to occasionally chat and flirt, but he knew Anna was very extraverted and, well, just friendly with everyone. Which meant he could extricate himself fairly quickly and easily from her life and, after the initial sting, she'd be off living gaily, filling in the space his absence created quickly with other people and events. He didn't want to hurt anyone.

He suspected Anna was at the fertile place in her cycle and this was necessary for him. And She liked it too, his lover, his subpanion. Mainly because it excited him so much, but fertility, especially her own, has always turned her on. That is why she hated birth control so much. After many months, the proper night finally presented itself, and he arranged things just so. He took Anna to a trendy little pub for a drink and a bite to eat, sitting at the end of the bar near a window. She was watching from afar, having arrived earlier. She was sipping her mojito with extra mint, and pleasantly surveying the show. She liked to watch Master talk to girls; he was in his element. She knew this was one of the most exciting parts for him and knew his member was probably becoming larger in his pants. The big Unknown was whether he'd be able to entice the girl away to the location, and that she'd play. She was betting on the night turning out wonderfully, as planned. Master always chose everything so carefully, that is was very unlikely it would not.

He leaned in and gave Anna's open lips a little tender kiss and she smiled delightedly at him. Then he was paying and they were getting up and putting on their coats. She waited until they had left and she threw a 10 on the table and quietly exited the bar and headed to her black car in the parking lot. She loved her car, it was a stick and the only thing she owned. She liked it that way. Less liability, less to worry about. Beyond her work (which she loved) and her children (which she loved as well), he consumed her. And she was very happy with this triality. Possessions and material pursuits meant nothing to her, except where he demanded. But truth be told, she really enjoyed her car-- its road-hugging savvy, its sexy efficiency , and its great sound system. As she followed them she let the music from her favorite CD course through her body, just feeling how content she was to have found her Master, that someone actually existed who fit her so well, in essentially every way that mattered most to her. She was about to watch her master make love to someone else, and she was so happy. She laughed out loud thinking about it, how anyone else would think she was crazy for liking this and having this life.

She pulled up to the building and noted that they were already inside, meaning Anna was so far in agreement. This was a medical office building but since it was Saturday night, no one was around. Master had solicited the keys from his good friend since childhood, a well-known family practice physician. His friend knew about Master's proclivities and approved of them enough to help him out when needed. Sometimes he also provided medications without questions. Or other sundry medical instruments or supplies...

She heard distant murmurings and some giggling from a room down the hallway. She waited, still and listening; breathed deeply; and calmed herself (she was excited!) for his signal. Minutes passed and finally he emerged and motioned for her to follow. When she entered the small room, Anna was sitting on the exam table with eyes wide and mouth slightly open in an Oh-what-is-about-to-happen-I'm-highly-titillated! fashion. She was breathing rather quickly and looked not unlike a rabbit about to bolt.

She was nothing if not good with people. Though introverted, she seemed extraverted with others, and could exude warmth and calm easily, which she now did in Anna's direction. She walked slowly up to Anna and placed her hand confidently on Anna's thigh, in one touch reassuring her, but also letting her know she was more in control here; that Anna had nothing to be afraid of, whilst smiling all the time, and making eye contact with Anna's gorgeous blue eyes. He stood back and watched her, watched them interact. His favorite pastime was studying her, of course. More even than finding young hotties to sex with.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you, I've heard so many wonderful things about you," She oozed in a friendly voice a woman uses with her dear friends.

"Uh, hi," was about all Anna mustered as she appeared to be getting more nervous by the instant.

"I'm sure this is a bit shocking for you, but I want you to know it needn't be. I am here to help Damien please you (Damien was the name Master used with the public. It wasn't his real name,of course), and to make you as comfortable as possible. I'm sure he's told you by now in all the times you've talked with him that he has...some unusual desires?" She preferred to be direct and honest, so that she could move right on into connecting authentically.

"Yeah, he's mentioned some things. Who are you?" She queried, looking back and forth from her to Master and back again.

"I am his lover and friend. I am here to....facilitate things tonight, and he likes for me to watch. Is that okay with you?" She asked, holding her breath.

"Sure, I guess so. What do you guys want to do to me?" She couldn't suppess a nervous giggle as she asked this.

"Oh, he will be very clear with his instructions in a moment. I am just here mainly to help and watch. If you need anything at all, I am here as your friend, just let me know," She responded.

Knowing the girl would acquiesce now, She moved back surreptitiously, allowing Master to take the lead, which he did. He held Anna's slightly shaking hand and kissed her slowly and tenderly, like he had in the bar, but longer. She stood quietly watching and noticed a familiar warmth spreading in her womanhood with such depth that only he could elicit in her. After kissing Anna until she was breathless and bleary-eyed, he told her he wanted her to remove all her clothes and put on the paper gown with the opening in the front. He moved back and made no move to leave but stood and watched her with an open expression. When she realized this was not like your standard well-woman checkup, where they leave and allow you privacy to get undressed, she chuckled, blushed, and hopped down to drop her drawers and don the gown, self-consciously turning her back to them as she did this, allowing Master full purview of her ass, which pleased him immensely.

Anna sat on the table with her legs pressed together and sort-of clutched at the gown edges, trying to hold them closed across her chest. He moved as far in as he could, until the table pressed into him and leaned in to kiss Anna in the strongest and deepest kiss yet. As he felt her relax, he moved his hands from her head to her thighs, one on each thigh and slowly caressed them as a woman would do, softly and gently, without rushing. As Anna became excited she let her hands drop the gown, allowing her perky c-cup breast to peek out of the left side of the gown, nipple dark and taught and so inviting, as she put her hands on his belly and attempted to undo his pants. He firmly grasped her hands and pulled away to look her straight in the eye, as he said, "You will not touch me unless I tell you to. Do you understand?"

As her face registered the authority in his tone, she slowly nodded in assent.

"You are such a beautiful woman, Anna, with a beautiful body," he complimented her. Then he leaned forward and grasped her nipple in his lips, suckling on it like a baby, working it until she was moaning in pleasure and grasping the table on either side of her. He slowly drew back, looked deeply into Anna's eyes and pushed the gown away from her other breast, looking at it intently. Then he slowly bent forward and repeated the gesture with that side until Anna was having a hard time knowing what to do with her hands.

in luce vive, vive in amore

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