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When Wendigo and I first got involved we were 100% in the closet. To the point where at a pool party with friends, he actually lowered his voice and asked if we were so far in the closet that he couldn't get a hug good bye. . . . to which I replied, ofcourse you get a hug. (I hug everyone; alot.) Over the last 3 1/2 years, this has evolved. First it was just a few friends who noticed and we decided it was okay to confirm to them that we were involved. When his wife, Pretty Lady, decided to join for a while, we became a quad and another friend was brought into the know, as well as his fiance. We are now at a place where we have decided that we don't care who notices, as it isn't any of their business. We decided that it was best not to tell our extended families or his teenage son. (Pretty sure Runic Wolf's and my son knows something is up, but doesn't care). Due to the nature of my job, I don't discuss my relationship with his as anything but best friends with my co-workers. But all of our regular social circle is aware and supportive. We have a strict "No Drama" policy in one of our hobbies, so in that instance, we just don't bring it up, draw extra attention to it, etc. But we don't hide it either.
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