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I don't have any interest in hearing the details of who farted in bed, which person gleeked during oral sex etc. Seriously?

I expect honest communication regarding new relationships. But-respect of privacy is important too.
And in case anyone wants to digress into my various threads-I think privacy is fine-up until someone is abusing another person. An abuser loses the privilege of privacy and confidentiality.

But-I don't tell one guy the technical details of sex with the other. We have better things to do with our time.

What I DO ensure is that I don't pretend that my lover is "just a friend" or that my date is a business trip or study session. That's lying.

Furthermore-I dont ask for details about their sex lives with other people & they don't ask about mine. But if for some reason a question were asked-I wouldn't lie. I might tell them it was intimate and before I could answer we needed that other person there to be ok with sharing-because it's THEIR intimacy being asked about as well-not just mine. But-I wouldn't lie or fabricate a story.
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