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She is on some of those forums, but asked that I not intrude on that, so I haven't joined or looked into any.
I have been pushing her to find her own support groups in those areas, and she has been, but I guess I'd just like to know what I can do to help her feel better in times like these.
All I know to do when someones broken up or been reject is to offer them chocolates >.<'

She went to one conference last term in Atlanta, and she really enjoyed it because there were mostly older women there (we're both college students) and they oggled over her and spoiled her silly X3
I don't think she kept up contact with them though ):
I didn't get to go though, because it was really really expensive (gf got a scholarship to go)

We're both also new to the queer community, so we're only just getting to know people there and stuff too.
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