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Default Sunday, January 13th: D-day

I wake up around 8am, but don't actually get out of bed. I know Airyn was up much later then I was so I snuggle with him while he sleeps. Pull the laptop into bed and mess around on the internet for a few hours. 11 am Chipmunk gets up, and stomps out of the room. I hear her making food or coffee in the kitchen. She is making her bad mood very obvious, but I'm just ignoring it. Around noon Chipmunk comes back to the room fully dressed and wakes Airyn up to tell him that she's going for a walk. Airyn gets up, dresses, and tells me she's in a foul mood that she doesn't go for a walk for no reason. He starts stress cleaning the bedroom. Not a pleasant start to the day. We had talked about he and I going for a walk so we could have some privacy since Saturday we had a moody unhappy Chipmunk with us every where we went.

Eventually Airyn talks to Chipmunk, and finds out why she's angry. She never does leave to go for a walk. Airyn tells me that he pointed out that she woke up with his pillow, that her tablet had been plugged in that her dishes had been taken care of. She told him he should have woken her up. I asked him what was he supposed to do? Shake her, slap her? If she doesn't wake up she doesn't wake up. He's frustrated that she jumped to a negative conclusion and didn't consider what she found when she woke up to be Airyn's way of showing her he did cuddle with her while she slept.

Before Chipmunk leaves for work she informs us that she has to see her doctor Monday, that it's a walk-in thing, and that she wants to get there as soon as they open. Well that negates my request for Monday morning with Airyn. Chipmunk is worried about what her doctorís visit will cost her. I suggest that she call them before she goes in so she knows what to expect. Airyn and Chipmunk talk about getting up around 8am and leaving by 9am for her doctorís visit.

They walk to Chipmunks job together and talk some more. Airyn says she's less upset, and is getting over it. He tells me he just wants to cuddle and salvage something out of the day, have a few moments of non stressed closeness with me. Basically he doesn't want to talk about Chipmunk, or how she jumped to a negative conclusion again. Ok so we curl up in bed and enjoy what time we have before he meets up with Chipmunk for her lunch break.

I tell him that her wanting to get up at 8am to take care of her doctorís visit makes my request for Monday morning moot, as heíll be up and awake and getting ready to leave. We talk about it a bit, and decide that since Iíll be needing sleep that itís for the best anyway. Then he asks me about helping Chipmunk out with the cost of her doctorís visit. So I try to explain where our finances are to him. Weíve done this many times before, but he has no head for money matters, bills, or anything like that. Basically I tell him that we canít pay her medical bills sheíll have to handle that on her own this time.

I stay up late snuggling with Airyn till he leaves to take Chipmunk lunch, we do manage to have a good evening after the stress-filled morning/day. Airyn and I are connecting better now that we spend more time together as a couple.
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