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Default Saturday, January 12: another change of plans

It's 5am before we get to sleep.

I wake up around 10 am and I am very anxious, and canít fall back to sleep. I get up for water, and snuggle back up with Airyn, but just canít fall back to sleep. Eventually I realize that Iím upset about how things went at the gay club. From the lack of women, my general discomfort, being uncomfortable around the heavy flirting/making out that Chipmunk, and Airyn were doing, to having a couple straight guys checking me out (and watching me for a couple hours), and trying for kisses. Iím tired, anxious, and overtly emotional. Airyn wakes up and we go to the kitchen so we donít disturb Chipmunk or Wolf. He and I are trying to talk it out. Eventually I get calm, and Airyn tells me that next time weíll be sure to go to the lesbian bar in the neighborhood. That I should drink while we are out so that Iím less tense, that I donít have to be concerned about driving home. If he and I are both going to drink thereís a retro diner thatís open late and is within walking distance that we can go to and sober up before anyone drives.

Airyn is very attentive, and comforting. Telling me to relax to stop stressing over it, and to stop expecting so much. This is all new territory. Weíll figure it out together. He wants me to get out there and do what I feel I need to, and he wants to be there for me through all of it.

An hour or so later Chipmunk is waking up, and has not heard back from her mom. She is assuming that they are no longer doing anything, so sheís hanging out with us. Saturday is mine and Airynís day, but we adjust our plans to include her. We head out for some much needed shopping. Our first stop an Asian grocery store to get recipe ingredients for a ďChinese take outĒ cookbook of Chipmunkís. Airyn and I are walking together, we do our shopping as a group, with Airyn being obviously with me. At the register Chipmunk purchases her things first, and Airyn picks up her bags and walks her out to the car to drop her stuff in the trunk. I total out, and head out to meet them and drop our things in the trunk. Itís not much, but it is a few moments just the two of them where they can hold hands, hug, kiss, say something privately to each other. Next stop is for coffee and wine. Airyn tells me later that he gave Chipmunk a kiss in the parking lot before we headed inside. So again Chipmunk is not being ignored, but she does not have Airynís undivided attention either. We have several more stops, one fun cloths shopping location. By the time we are done with that Airyn is tired and ready to go home, but I still have some groceries to get. So we stop at a store with a coffee bar. Airyn says heís going to sit at the coffee barís tables while we shop. Chipmunk offers to get them some coffees, and I head off to get the items I need. About 15-20 mins later Iím back at the coffee Bar and Chipmunk and Airyn are just then adding cream and sugar to their coffees. The coffee bar lady was slow today. Again itís not much, but it is time that Chipmunk doesnít have to share with me, and can get some of the attention she is used to. However she has spent the entire day out being moody and unhappy. When we get home things are the same. Sheís moody, and is making her unhappiness known. Airyn tells me he needs to talk to her, and I tell him to go ahead while I make some coffee. When he comes back heís telling me that she needs him to offer her some attention to feel as if sheís part of the group, or something. I point out that she wasn't being ignored. That they went to the car together at our first stop, and got coffees together at our last stop. Airyn tells me he gave her kisses in the parking lot. And I point out that he sprawled on the bed beside her looking at what ever she was showing him on her tablet. I tell him she wasn't ignored, but that she was also not the center of attention. I then point out that any PDA she witnessed between us would have been discreet. That itís not like we were making out on the aisles in any of the stores. Grocery shopping just doesn't make me feel sexy.

I had been ironing out plans to meet a new lady on Monday. She and I had been messaging back and forth for a few days trying to figure out a time and place. At first she just told me the times she intended to be in my area and suggested a couple place she'd be ok meeting up at, and asked me when a good time (within her schedule) for me would be. I sent a message to her saying 1 pm at the bookstore she suggested. When we got home she had messaged me back saying she wouldn't be able to make it to the bookstore till 3pm, and that she would like to hang out and visit for about an hour. I replied that this would work well for me and I'd see her then. I then told Airyn what the our plan was, what time, and how late I might be out. I told him that I'd stay up late Sunday night, and nap after dropping Takara off at school Monday morning so that I could be out later then normal on a work day. I then asked if he and I could have the bedroom Monday. We talked about it, but it wasn't decided. Airyn says he'll talk to Chipmunk, and think about it. That there really aren't any plans yet for Monday, and that if I'm just going to be sleeping that he might just move with Chipmunk to the living room.

Airyn and I go back to our PC game, and that evening we snuggle together in bed watching TV. Iím really tired from getting so little sleep the night before. I fall asleep rather early (midnight), but Airyn stays in bed watching TV and just snuggling with me. Apparently Chipmunk had asked Airyn to snuggle with her before he calls it a night, so around 2 am he gets up cleans up Chipmunks snack dishes, plugs her tablet in, and lays down beside her with his pillow. She doesn't wake up, so after a little while he gets up, and comes back to bed, and watches some more tv. Airyn tells me he was up till about 4am.
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