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Default Friday Jan 11th: Changing plans

Friday Jan 11th

I am a planner at heart, Airyn is more spontaneous. This difference has caused some stress between us before. These days we are generally more understanding of each other planning style. His spontaneous ways have come in handy when my plans have fallen through, so it works more often then not.

Friday: Chipmunk had an early morning meeting at her store. Airyn walks her to work, and walks home. It's cool, so the walk is brisk, and has him very much awake despite being short on sleep. I pick Chipmunk up from her meeting when I get off from work. I get Wolf up and ready for school then drop her off. Chipmunk heads to the living room for some napping. Airyn joins me in bedroom, and tells me that he told Chipmunk she could come into the bedroom later when she needed to get ready for work if she needed anything. He and I had plans to get up and watch a movie together. He said something like since we'll be watching a movie and not "doing" anything he thought it would be ok. Then asks me if its ok. I nodded saying sure, thinking that it was too late for me to disagree. Besides I don't want to start our day off with an argument.

Airyn is still very much awake and goes back to watching his TV show. I snuggle up behind him and fall sleep after a while. He's up for a couple hours. Airyn ends up getting just a couple hours nap before I start waking him up. We get up and I get on the computer while Airyn heads into the other room to make his morning coffee. Today I have chosen to avoid seeing easily avoidable intimate moments between Airyn and Chipmunk. Most times on mornings that Chipmunk moves to the couch Airyn will get up to make his coffee, and will lie down on the couch cuddling Chipmunk for a little while. I don't mind or begrudge them their moment; I just don't want to see them like that everyday. This is one of those mornings so I stay in the bedroom and Airyn goes out says his good morning to Chipmunk, and makes himself some coffee.

Afterwards Airyn and I snuggle up to start our movie. Less then an hours goes by before Chipmunk starts getting ready for work, shes mostly getting ready in the living room and bathroom, but eventually comes into the bedroom. So we pause our movie. We all talk a bit, and the intimate time between Airyn and I is basically put on hold. He gets dressed so he can take Chipmunk to work, and heads to the kitchen for a second cup of coffee. Chipmunk has to be to work in about 30 mins and she's telling us about a b-day get together she was invited to. It's tonight at a gay club not far from the house. She says she'd like to go, but she's not sure about it. Airyn says that it could be cool to go for a little while, and they ask me what I think. I don't see anything wrong, so I agree we sure we can go for a little bit.

Airyn gets home and we discuss going to this gay club with Chipmunk and her co-workers on our way to pick Wolf up from school. We've decided that we don't mind going, but that we won't be drinking there more then a drink or two as places like that tend to be pricey and we have alcohol at home. After we finish our movie (which was interrupted by Wolf multiple times) we talk about going to this gay club some more. Airyn is concerned. He says he's not sure how to handle it. That tonight is our night, but this is a thing for Chipmunk. He talks about going kind of nebulously with us both, but leaving me some what free to check the place out as a gay if I want. I think about what he's saying for a moment. Then I ask if he's suggesting minimal PDA, so that he and I don't seem too much like a couple while we are there. I tell him that could work, but that Chipmunk has to be informed, and on the same page. He thinks about that for a while with out saying anything.

In the kitchen we talk more about going to this gay club and how it's an opportunity for me to check it out. That I can go basically as a single, but with the knowledge that I'm not going alone. That if I'm not comfortable I can come back to Airyn and just let him know. We talk a long while with plenty of thinking quite moments between us. What we decide is that I'll go as a single, and he'll go with Chipmunk as a couple so she can show him off to her co-workers. This way I can walk around on my own and check the place out, get a feel for this gay club and decide if it's the kind of place I'd be interested in coming back to at a later time. Airyn tells me it's the best of both worlds, scouting a place as a single, and not being alone since I'm also Married, and can come right back to him if it's not comfortable. We also discuss that this is just for at the club, that it is our day, and once this get together is over it will go back to being our day (or night at this point) I tell him I'm nervous, but excited. Then we go on about our evening.

Airyn messages Chipmunk letting her know that we've decided I'll go as single and they'll go as a couple. Airyn and I have a very nice evening together. We connect better then we have in a long while, and are both feeling good about us. When it's time for Airyn to head out to pick up Chipmunk he suggests that I go ahead and get ready to go, and asks if I know what I'm going to wear. I grin and say yeah. My skinny red pants, with my slinky black backless top (no bra). He likes it, we kiss at the door, and he heads out. By the time he gets home with Chipmunk I'm dressed and almost done with my make-up. Chipmunk gets ready, and starts messaging with her co-worker to find out who is there, and where everyone is meeting.

We get there and meet up with some of her co-workers. Head to the bar, I buy Airyn a beer, and Chipmunk gets herself a drink. I didn't know it at the time, but it was a double, and she had not eaten at this point for about 5 hours. I hang out with the group for a little while just looking around. I tell Airyn I'm going to head up stairs and look around some. He says ok, and asks if I have my phone so we can stay in touch. I tell him no I have no where to carry it, but that I'll find him, he's easy to find. So I head upstairs. Im not doing or seeing anything special; Im just checking the place out, and watching the peoples on the dance floor. I do noticing a lot of Male couples, but no female couples. No big deal it's early. I join back up with the group. Chipmunk and Airyn are done with their first drinks, and Chipmunk is sitting in Airyn's lap. I walk up and tell Airyn, "See you are easy to find." Then join the group in chatting. Back to the bar for another round of drinks, this time Chipmunk buys Airyn a beer. And she is all over Airyn, already drunk, and being her overtly flirty self. I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable with such a heavy display. So I tell Airyn that I'm going to walk around some more, and I head off again.

I find a nice little spot along the back wall in an upstairs room. There are a couple Tranies lip singing to 80's love songs. It was fun, and I stayed there a long while. Since I didn't have my phone I also didn't have the time, and I thought it might be about time for us to head out, so I go looking for them again. I'm in no hurry though, and walk around a bit. I stop on the second floor where I can look down at people hanging outside in the middle of the club. So Im leaning on the rail and a couple fellows come up beside me. Introduce themselves, and we chat a little bit. One asks me where my group is, and I say they are wondering around somewhere. He lets me know they've been watching me for a while, by telling me he saw me come in with another girl and a guy. I agree that I did, and feel a wee suspicious that they've been watching me since I got there. We talk a bit, they tell me they are straight and ask about my orientation. I answer truthfully, and when they are ready to head off the dark haired one leans over and attempts a kiss. I back away and tell him no thanks. I tell him I'm looking for ladies, and thank him for the compliment. The conversation gets a bit weird then we part ways and I seriously start looking for my group. I find them at the bar getting a third round of drinks. This time Chipmunk is seriously drunk, and is doing her impression of a high school make out session. While shes ordering her third drink I comment to Airyn about her being overtly flirty. He says shes like that when shes drunk, and I tell him I wasnt expecting that. He says at least shes with him and not some stranger this time.

Then the fellow Airyn was waiting to join the group shows up and has paddles with him. He's telling us that he made them, and the types of material he used, and how the different materials require a different hand, soft gentle, ect. I end up with the heavy handed one, it has a nice weight in my hands. But then they decide to get on the dance floor and dance a bit. With Chipmunk's aggressive flirting with Airyn, and my lack of interest in dancing with any of her male co-workers I decline joining them and head back up stairs.

We join back up and find out that the female co-workers are across the street at a different bar. So we head over there, and pull the paddles out to give the b-day girl her spankings. FUN! Then give any and all who want a turn either spanking or being spanked a moment. That was fun. Airyn asks me if I'm ok, and I tell him I'm disappointed that I got hit on plenty by several straight guys, and winked at by a trany or two. He's only slightly buzzed, but I tell him we can talk about it later. He does stay closer to my side after that, as he realizes that I won't be heading off on my own again. Its last call before the group starts breaking up. Chipmunk is still very drunk, so Airyn is holding her hand to help her walk to the car. We stop at an all night coffee house for food. While we are there I tell them about the fellows who let me know they had been watching me most of the night, and how the one attempted a after less then 5 mins of conversation.
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