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From another thread

Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post
I really recommend this article to you:

It's very long, but well worth the read.
I read it. It is long but the bullet points at the end sum it all up nicely. God, I hate unicorn hunters. I get so pissed at our Personals forum here. All these damn smug couples looking to "add a third" like she is a commodity! A sexbot.

I was just burnt by a couple, together for a year, who had had a unicorn for 8 of those months. She broke up with them at xmas. So, the guy contacted me on okc, saying they were now dating separately. I really didn't think we were right for each other but he was adamant, persistent, and cute and seemed very cool. Also, Ginger realized he was friends of friends of this guy's gf, so I said, I'd meet him.

We had a lovely date. He bought me lunch in Cambridge, then we walked around... and he asked to hold hands, kissed me a little, cuddled a lot, we ended with coffee in a little park. He was charming and interesting and interested. He walked me to my bus, kissed me, asked me to add him on FB, all that.

And then no word for 2 weeks.

I had explained my position to him before I met him. He said, we can kiss and cuddle if we want, but no sex til you meet my gf. Which seemed rather presumptuous of him but whatever. I said, when he asked if I was interested in his gf, I do not date couples, but who knows? If he and I become a thing, and I meet the gf and like her, she and I might end up friends or lovers, you never know. After all, that happened with miss pixi and Ginger here.

So after 2 weeks I messaged him on okc, just "Hey [his name]." No answer. I saw he'd been on okc the day of my message too! So, a day or 2 later, I msged him on FB with a few more words, like, "How are you doing? I messaged you on okc and no answer, what's up?"

Finally, he wrote me back on okc. Saying he and the gf are back to only dating as a couple! And he didn't say sorry for not bothering to tell me until I friggin messaged him twice. So, I wrote saying that was rude and I was hurt, and he then wrote back saying he apologized.

Grrrrr! Did I mention I hate unicorn hunters? The irony of all this is, his gf is a "life coach" and teaches classes and writes books about relationships and dating! Yet, they are both fine with treating me like a ... thing.
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