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Originally Posted by MrFarFromRight View Post
I used to think that I always fell in love with the most amazing people. And, of course, they WERE/ARE amazing. But once an old, old friend of mine made a comment: "Js found another of his broken-winged girlfriends." That made me stop and think about it, and I had to accept that she - too - was right. So - to finally get around to answering your question - maybe I dont see the red flags. Or maybe Im colour-blind and see the flags as green (and shimmering). I can empathise with

I do think that Id steer clear (romantic/sexual/partner-wise) from somebody who had REALLY serious problems, problems that stood a good chance of destroying me emotionally. But even some of the amazing people have had a good shot at doing that.

I just had to note this. It reminded me of what my dad said to me once. We were having a deep conversation about relationships. My outing as poly has given us to some interesting conversations; also, in his dotage, he reflects, and wants to understand more about who we were and how that got us to who we are.

He said, almost as if it was a revelation, 'I guess I sort of get blind to these things when I fall in love.' I snarked out, 'YA THINK?' Because, of course, the rest of us see it clearly. *sigh*

I dunno, maybe just to say you're so not alone. And nice for me to hear it from someone else. It makes it more real for me (which is odd, but there y'are)

Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own...
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