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Default Thanks everyone

Wow thanks for all the support everyone.

I view this forum more as a journal then a "blog", and I have been writing, but haven't posted anything in a while.

The past several weeks have been interesting for me, with some new developments.

lol, stay tuned as i get everything copied over here.

Bi-sexual female

Married to my high school sweat heart (20 year relationship). Talked about Poly, but put the idea off and had a kid instead. Stumbled into an FFM (Vee) that became an FMF (Vee).

No longer dateing my husbands Girlfriend.

Airyn: My husband (Straight)
Chipmunk: My x-GF, My husbands GF (Straight)
Wolf: my Daughter with Airyn
Boots: Social/Friend dating (Bi) Married
History: Social/Friend dating (Bi) Married
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