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Very good points. In my defence, I was only countering the argument that making negative remarks against "any group of people" is always wrong.

And I do agree, and hope I didn't imply otherwise, that hate speech is wrong and should be censored. I see a difference between privately making judgments, which is an internal process, and publicly spewing hatred, which is an external process.

More than anything, I was just trying to reinforce the idea that hateful thinking is always judgmental. You can't arbitrarily apply a different label to something and thereby make it non-judgmental.

It doesn't bother me one bit if the guy next door thinks homosexuality and polyamory is disgusting. I have no right to tell him how to think. I couldn't enforce it even if I wanted to. However, I do think that the guy next door should be discouraged from coming up to me and calling me disgusting on the basis of my polyamorous, homosexual relationship. And by no means should he be allowed to bar me from using the public side walk in front of his house.
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