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Originally Posted by nondy2 View Post
Since people have written about have sex early - would some of you share your first experiences? In retrospect, did you handle the relationships well? Did you have any problems socially, being critized by others? Did you have any trouble with STDS or pregnancy? Did you tell your parents? Where they healthy relationships? It would be great to have insight. I didn't have sex until 1st or second year in college. I wouldn't say I had my first "successful" sexual relationship until 24, and even that wasn't so great!
I lost my virginity 3 weeks before my 16th birthday. I was emotionally and physically ready for it, I'd given it a lot of thought, I knew it was going to happen "soon" but I hadn't planned on an exact date. The relationship lasted a year after that, which IMO is pretty good for any 16 year old. It was as healthy as any teenage relationship. It ended because we'd started fighting a lot. Basically we outgrew each other. But in terms of "successful sexual relationship" I would say we did have one.

Socially, no criticisms. I didn't go broadcasting it to the world, but it wasn't a secret either. My close friends knew. And that's how I knew that my friends were having sex, btw, to answer your other question. My friends and I did discuss sex. See, if you discuss sex, you can be relatively confient that they're doing it. If you don't discuss it, then you don't know whether they're doing it and not talking about it, or not doing it.

We used condoms and I was on the pill. Sometimes we didn't use a condom, and I'd get recurring yeast infections which I eventually figured out that I was getting from him. I had a couple late periods (100% normal for adolescent girls) and always was freaked out that I was pregnant, but never actually was.
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