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Default Opening Our Eyes

Hi all!

We're Leo and Shelly. We met in college and got married after dating nearly three years. I guess we both had a healthy apprehension about being tied down unless we knew the other one was really worth it. Over 6 years of marriage later and we're still together.

Shelly works in childcare and I work for a government contractor. We've moved around quite a bit mainly due to my job, but she's been an amazing sport along the way and we've seen some memorable places. While in Europe, Shelly started to develop different feelings for certain women close in her life. After much soul searching and research on the subject she came to the realization she could be bisexual. A late night escapade with another woman while we were on vacation last summer fully answered that question.

So, we began looking into the idea of polyamory and how it might be the right life choice for us. A few months later and a hopefully final move to sunny Las Vegas and I write to you now. We have since gotten in contact with a beautiful woman who shares the same interest in a triad as we do. We're taking day by day right now, but hope to have updates in other parts of the forum. With any luck we'll learn a great deal from everyone here and maybe help others explore this.
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